Episode 26: Bash & Pop


Mr. Nola Nerd Couple discusses Tommy Stinson’s new album, Anything Could Happen, which was recorded under his old band name, Bash & Pop.

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Tommy Stinson’s Website


Episode 16: Trouble Boys, The I Don’t Cares, and Leonard Cohen

During my hiatus, I finished reading Bob Mehr’s book on the Replacements, Trouble Boys.  Considering they are my favorite band, I read this book with both excitement and trepidation.  Will my heroes live up to the legends I have in my hand?  I also discuss Wild Stab by The I Don’t Cares which is new band featuring Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield.  Finally, I discuss how I came to love Leonard Cohen.

You can buy Trouble Boys here.

The I Don’t Cares’ Wild Stab:

The Essential Leonard Cohen:

Unboxing: Sufjan Stevens and The Replacements

It’s another video where I ramble on about some of my favorite albums.  And yes, I already own these albums on vinyl.  I’m a collector not a horder!

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Episode 1: All Shook Down by The Replacements

I’m trying something new: podcasting.  A podcast is basically an audio blog for our readers who don’t ever listen to them.  This one is about an album and a band that changed my life.  Also, you can definitely​ hear my cajun accent on this especially on the word “connection.”  Hopefully, I can find enough time to do these more often and then have them on iTunes.

Intro and exit music:

Lady of the Punks by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) (c) 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Doxent Zsigmond

Unboxing: The Replacements Box Set

Last year was a great year to be a Replacements fan.  First, they did their first tour in 22 years, which we were lucky enough to see in April 2015 in Hollywood.  Later in the year, Rhino released a box set of their first four albums on TwinTone.

Here is a video of me explaining how much the Replacements, and these albums, meant to me:

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Concert-ing: The Replacements at the Hollywood Palladium on April 16, 2015

The Replacements at the Hollywood Palladium

The Replacements at the Hollywood Palladium

The Replacements have always been more than a band to me.  They were my high school counselors, my best friends in college, and they have remained loyal ever since.  However, I didn’t discover them until right before they broke up.  When they announced their 2013 festival dates, I was beyond excited, but, once realizing they weren’t coming anywhere near me, a little bummed.

Then they announced their 2015 tour.  Again, New Orleans wasn’t on the list.  Again, I was bummed.  Then, I remembered that we were going to Anaheim for Star Wars Celebration in April.  I checked the tour dates.  On April 16, they would be playing at the Hollywood Palladium.  I checked my calendar.  We were leaving for Anaheim on April 15.  I double-checked.  I tripled checked.

I am not ashamed to say I screamed with excitement.

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Concert-ing: Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause on March 27, 2015

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

As Cristina promised in her blog about OUR favorite festival, Hogs for the Cause, I would follow it up with one about Strand of Oaks.

I’m constantly listening to new albums using Spotify.  I scour the sites Any Decent Music and MetaCritic trying to find good new music.  The first few seconds of Strand of Oaks HEAL were enough to make me know that this would be one of my favorite albums of the year.  When Goshen ’97 bursts into life, the music brings you back to that time when you first discovered your favorite band.  It doesn’t hurt that J. Mascis’ guitar shimmers throughout the song and that it’s extremely catchy.

However, Goshen ’97 did not prepare me for how deep the album is.  The album comes off as memoir in song.  Tim Showalter, the driving force behind Strand of Oaks, was processing quite a bit of pain in the writing of this album and using the music and lyrics to exercise the demons.  The record is not depressing, but allows for Tim to help him, um, HEAL.  Considering the year I had last year, the album struck a particular cord with me.

When Hogs for the Cause announced that they booked Strand of Oaks, I was excited to say the least.  When the night came, I actually stressed about my wardrobe.  Not because I’m a snappy dresser, but because it was supposed to be in the high 50s, which after just a week of weather in the 70s equals freezing temperatures for folks from south Louisiana.  I chose my Replacements jacket.  While waiting for the first band, I checked setlist.fm to see what songs to expect. The last song at the last shows proved that I probably wore the right jacket for more than one reason.

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Most of the songs came from HEAL.  Goshen ’97 of course rocked which was impressive in that it was only the guitarist’s third day with the band.  The title track actually sounded better and fuller live.  JM, a deeply personal song about his fallen hero, Jason Molina, was soulful and soothing.

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

At the end of the set, Cristina came up front.  I warned her for the last song, so she could record it. They announced they were going to do a cover, and then they ripped into  The Replacements’ “Alex Chilton.”  Of course, I turned into the kid that Showalter talks about in Goshen ’97.  At one point, he forgot the lyrics but made up for it in enthusiasm.  Coolest part, he pointed to me and my jacket mid song, recognizing me as a fan.

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Because they are still an up and coming band, Tim and the drummer actually worked the merchandise booth after the show, allowing us to meet the band.  They both jokingly admitted they knew they had to cover The Replacements when they saw my jacket, even though it made them nervous. Both were so nice and thankful to be playing a festival for such a great cause.

Tim Showalter from Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Kurt and Tim Showalter from Strand of Oaks at Hogs for the Cause

Both told us we needed to check out Hiss Golden Messenger the next day because he was really great.  We had already planned to and so when we took our place for that show, we weren’t surprised to see them rocking out in the crowd just like we were.