Star Wars-ing: Ahsoka Lives!

I think a lot of Star Wars fans of the Clone Wars have the same response to Ahsoka Tano that I did. I hated her at first.  She was a typical teenager. Anakin gave her the perfect nickname in “Snips.”

Then I became invested in the show.  My feelings for Ahsoka changed.  First, it was “ok…I don’t mind an Ahsoka episode.”  Then I couldn’t wait for them. The way she exits the show makes her the Jedi (I know she left the Order but she never wavered; it was the Order that did) I admire the most.  In fact, when Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple asked who was my favorite character, I didn’t hesitate when I said Ahsoka. Unfortunately, she was asking what lanyard I wanted from Amazon, and she was unforgivably not an option. I went with Rey instead.

Meeting Ashley Eckstein was fantastic.  She is one of the last people we needed for our Clone Wars Poster.  Ms. Eckstein was even surprised we never met her before when she saw the names already on the poster.  She talked to each of us and even noticed that Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s sister was wearing one of her jumpers.

The next day at the Rebels Panel, showrunner Dave Filoni was wearing an Ahsoka Lives? shirt. Now, the Saturday of Celebration was the Ahsoka Lives Day!  He is completely aware of the fandom and realized that there was going to be a huge meetup that day.  In other words, he was basically trolling fans.

After that panel, almost everyone that cosplayed as Ahsoka or who wore any clothing with her on it, gathered at the main steps to the second floor of the convention center to take a group picture.  Ashley was there, and so was Dave with a new shirt that changed the “?” to a “!”  (Click on the pictures to make them larger).

Later in the day, I attended the Marvel panel.  There was an extremely unscientific poll about who should their next comic focus on. Of course, it was Ahsoka.



Star Wars-ing: The Rebels Panel at Star Wars Celebration


The Star Wars Rebels Cast and Dave Filoni

We didn’t do many large panels at Star Wars Celebration, opting to do autographs and other events instead.  One panel we did not want to miss was the Rebels panel. Creator Dave Filoni has constructed a great story around a great set of characters.  The show can be both big and exciting (such as the season three finale) or small and quiet (such as Dueling Suns).  It has its own timeline to work with one that is separate from Princess Leia’s rebellion.  It serves as a reminder that the rebellion is a larger entity than we often give it credit for in the saga.

Here is what we learned at the Rebels panel:

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Episode 32: Star Wars, Comic Conventions, Zelda, and Hogs for the Cause

The Nola Nerd Couple is back with another episode covering quite a few topics.  First, we discuss the newest guests added to Celebration, and Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple tells the story of how excited the Mr. was to hear that Sarah Michelle Gellar was going to be there.  We then talk about rebels and how our jobs as teachers really make us like Ezra Bridger, a character that’s hard to like.  We go through the latest guest announcements to Comicpalooza and MegaCon.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple gives her first impressions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Finally, we didn’t think we would be able to go to our favorite festival in New Orleans, Hogs for the Cause, but with a stroke of luck, we will be able to go with VIP tickets!

Show Notes:

Star Wars Celebration (and our coverage here)

Google search of “Ezra Bridger Annoying”

Comicpalooza (and our coverage here)

MegaCon (and our coverage here)

Hogs for the Cause 

Star Wars-ing: Celebration Slays With Latest Guest Announcements

Usually, I write these posts as a news item.  I might interject some personal thoughts, but mostly I try to keep it formal.

Not for this announcement.

The Nola Nerd Couple teaches at the same school. So as soon as work was over yesterday, she rushed to find me and told me we had to leave early.  She said Star Wars Celebration announced two more guests. One, she said she had been hoping would be announced.  I guess Ben Mendelsohn because in our most recent podcast that’s who she said she really wanted to meet.  She said no.  I then tried to narrow it down.  I started stating movies.  She kept saying no.  We have met most of the cast of The Clone Wars and Rebels…then I realized that there was one person from Rebels we haven’t met.  Freddie Prinze Jr. He plays the Jedi Kanan on the show.  As far as we know, he rarely does cons.  I was so excited.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple screamed “Yes!!!!”  I’m sure the students walking to their buses though we were crazy.



The look on her face was that this next announcement was for me.  Then I realized that Freddie Prinze Jr’s wife was actually in Star Wars Rebels as the Seventh Sister so she has a reason for being at Celebration.  And his wife was the star of one of my favorite TV shows and is the one person I truly want to meet at a con. So I yell, “Sarah Michelle Gellar!!!!”  with the look of excitement that I child gets the first time they eat bacon or sees Mickey Mouse. I fanboyed.  I’m not ashamed.

C7dtnv9XUAQ3ZQZ (1)

I normally worry about how much we spend at cons.  Not yesterday. I was quoting John Hammond: “Spare no expense!”  I needed more than one autograph.  I needed a photo op.

Not want.




Episode 30: Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Celebration, and MegaCon

In this edition of The Nola Nerd Couple Podcast, we give our thoughts on two episodes of Star Wars Rebels: Double Agent Droid and Twin Suns. We also discuss some of the featured art at Star Wars Celebration.  We briefly discuss our diving into the Star Wars canon books. Finally, we give an update on MegaCon.  This is a long podcast for us so we don’t mind if you listen at double speed.  We probably make more sense that way!

Star Wars-ing: Dave Filoni Will Appear at Celebration

The mind genius behind Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars will be appearing at Celebration!  On Saturday, he and unannounced special guests will give panel goers a sneak peak at Star Wars Rebels Fourth season!  Meanwhile, over at The Wolf Den’s eBay site, you can get some great merchandise signed by Mr. Filoni.  The proceeds go to charity, so don’t feel guilty about your bid! Items won’t last long.

Remember, you can see all of our Star Wars news, links, reviews, and con encounters here.

Star Wars-ing: Our Year With Star Wars

Some couples enjoy sports together.  Other couples go hunting or fishing together.  If you haven’t noticed, the Nola Nerd Couple likes to do nerdy things together.  We love going to cons, watching movies together, and reading comics.  While we definitely have our own tastes different fandoms of nerdy things, one area we always agree on is Star Wars.

Here is our year in Star Wars:

  • New Orleans Wizard World 2016: Cristina has decided to collect all variants of Star Wars #1 of the new Marvel run.  This might be a fool’s errand in that there are over a 100 of them, but she does have around 80 or so.  At Wizard World New Orleans she got Greg Horn, a designer of one of the covers, to sign his book. Of course, at this con, we saw plenty of Star Wars cosplay.
  • In late January, we attended Chewbaccus. Chewbaccus is a nerd-themed Mardi Gras parade that occurs in the Bywater district in New Orleans. Named after our favorite Wookie, this parade is comprised of nerdy groups who put on one of the city’s best parade.  The Leiarettes, a dance troupe of women dressed as Princess Leia in A New Hope, is always a crowd favorite.


  • Pensacon 2016: We met Sim Witwer who voices Darth Maul and other characters on the Clone Wars and on Rebels. We also met Mark Dodson who provides the voice for Salacious B. Crumb. We also got another variant signed by Bob McLeod.
  • In March, we won a special Comic-Con Box that included a three foot Darth Vader and other Star Wars items.  We weren’t expecting it and Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple was super excited to win it.
  • Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple signed up to do a half-marathon in April 2016.  However, unforeseen events beyond our control caused a major reshifting of work her way.  She downgraded to the 10K.  So what does this have to do with Star Wars?  It was the Disney Inaugural Star Wars Dark Side 10K. The race was Star Wars themed and there were plenty of Star Wars related things we got to do because of it. Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s sister did compete in and complete the half marathon!
  • At Space City Con in May, we got to meet renown Star Wars artist Dave Dorman who did a Star Wars #1 variant.  Mr. Dorman will be at Pensacon 2017 and we highly recommend you check out his artwork.
  • In June, we did a podcast that discussed Wizard World Philadelphia and we also discussed Star Wars variants We also did another podcast where we talked about Star Wars here.
  • Also, in June, I wrote a long rant about canon and gatekeepers.  I did focus a little on Star Wars.
  • At the end of June, we got to meet the star of Star Wars Rebels, Taylor Gray. 
  • Ms. Nola Nerd Couple has been collecting the Star Wars comics since the new Marvel run has come out.  I’m reading them a little behind her schedule.  Here are my reviews of what I read so far.
  • Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple has long been a fan of Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels.  I’m jumping to the ship a little later than she is. Here are my takes on theses shows:
  • In October, I ranted how hard it is to read about Star Wars without being spoiled.  Spoiler: Contents of movies and books not provided by LucasFilm, Marvel, and/or Disney is not news, it’s spoilers.
  • In November, I offered up some Star Wars stories I would like to read/see.  Some were tongue in cheeck but I do think we need a movie called Many Bonthas: A Star Wars Story.
  • In December, I gave a way too early look at Star Wars Celebration 2017. 
  • Yesterday, we said goodbye to our favorite Star Wars Princess and General, Carrie Fisher.

We hope to bring you more news about Star Wars in 2017.  Like 2016, we will post all Star Wars related events to our blog/podcast, but we will also do more reblogging and sharing of links for Star Wars.  Wednesdays have been designated as Star Wars days at Nola Nerd Couple so keep checking back here for your Star Wars fix.