Comic-Con-ing: Entertainment, Dating, Contests, Movies and After-Party for Wizard World New Orleans

For the next two weeks, most of our blogs will be about Wizard World New Orleans. The Convention is held at the Morial Convention Center on January 6,7, and 8th.  This week we will be previewing the event, and next week reviewing the event. 


Wizard World New Orleans will have plenty of activities for everyone.  Shopping, celebrity autographs and photo-ops, panels are all there for the con-goer.  Yet, they find a way to keep adding more entertainment.

The entertainment schedule features contortionists, ball walkers, hoopers, belly dancing, acrobatics, jugglers, and stilt walkers.  the Masters of Illusion will perform, and the Perfect Angelz dance troupe will entertain the crowd. In other words, you really should never be bored!

An event that has gotten bigger over the years at cons is speed dating.  There will be Sci-Fi Speed Dating in room 242 throughout the weekend.

Every con worth its salt has a cosplay contest, and the Wizard World contest never disappoints. Registration for this closes at 3pm Saturday.  Trust me, you will marvel at the creativity put on display at 7pm at the Main Stage.  This contest is geared at 13+ year olds.  So what about the adorable kids who are dressed up?  They have their own contest at 3:00 on the cosplay stage.  This is a friendly competition that will sure to make the crowd go aaaawwwwweeee.

As a special event that requires it’s own ticket ($10), Wizard World New Orleans will screen the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  And to sweeten the deal, Barry Bostwick will host.  This will be a crowded event so buy your ticket ahead of time.

If you still have energy late Saturday, the Official Wizard World After Party will be held at the Republic.  The event will be hosted by Kato Kaelin and will have performances by DJ Killrkat, Angela Marie, Purrfect Angelz Dance Trouple, and more.  Show your Wizard World wristband for admission.  Having been to quite a few shows, I can assure you that the Republic is a great venue with a fantastic staff. It can get hot at crowded shows, so make sure you stay hydrated (and tip your bartenders).

For an exact location of these events, makes sure you pick up a program guide when you check in.

For a full listing of the contests and entertainment at Wizard World New Orleans, click here.


ComicCon-ing: New Orleans Wizard World is Two Weeks Away!!!

Wizard World New Orleans:


  • Carrie Fisher, who was scheduled to appear in New Orleans, had a massive heart attack on December 23.  We wish her a full recovery and hope she takes the time needed to do so.
  • For $10, you can view The Rocky Horror Picture Show with special host Barry Bostwick! This is sure to be a great even especially with Mr. Brad Majors himself being in attendance.
  • The show has added Montel Williams, Kato Kaelin and the Masters of Illusion to his its lineup. Mr. Williams will not be signing or doing photo-ops but will be doing panels.
  • The Republic New Orleans will be hosting a some after hour events and will be allowing free entry with Wizard World tickets on Saturday night.  I personally think the Republic is one of the finer music venues in town so we I highly recommend it.
  • The Wizard World panel schedule is out.   Next week,  we focus exclusively on Wizard World New Orleans.  I will go into detail in multiple posts about the panels and other events.
  • We do want to announce that we will be appearing on a panel on Saturday entitled, DON’T READ THAT! A HISTORY OF CENSORSHIP IN COMIC BOOKS.  This will take place in Room 240 from 3:30-4:15 pm.  We will be discussing comics with a co-worker and our friends from The Longbox that have been and are presently under threat from censorship and bans in libraries and schools.  We hope to see you there. (Now to go do my homework!).



  • Wade Acuff, who has worked on Lord of the Rings, and other TV and  Film products will be presenting his artwork.
  • Barry Gregory, a comic book writer and artist, will be at Pensacon.  He is best known for his independent comic John Aman Amazing Man.
  • Bob Camp, the co-creator of Ren And Stimpy, will be joining the artists in artist alley.  Other credits for Mr. Camp include Ice Age II and Osmosis Jones.
  • New Orleans native and comic book artist Roland Paris will be making an appearance at Pensacon. He has worked on Spider-Man and Marvel’s The Odyssey.
  • Mike Grell is another comic book writer and artist that will have his work in display at Pensacon. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Grell and his fantastic body of work, we recommend you listen to this interview our good friends at The Longbox did with the artist. 
  • Author Quincy J. Allen will have his books on display, and probably for sale.
  • One of our favorite comic book writers, Tony Isabella will be at Pensacon. He created Black Lightning and Misty Knight! We joined our friends at The Longbox for their panel on Horrible Horrible Stereotypes at the last Pensacon and we just became in awe of him and how he looks at comics. We also highly recommend his Tony Isabella’s Bloggy Thing to keep up with his latest projects and readings.

ComicCon-ing: Pensacon 2016 Full Recap

Pensacon celebrated its third year in Pensacola this year and we decided to make a weekend of it and attend all three days. The first year, I drove up on Saturday morning with two of my good friends and last year, Kurt and I drove up on Saturday morning. Both years we made the three hour trek back to New Orleans at the end of the day, but this year, we drove up Friday afternoon and came back Sunday evening. Thus, we were able to experience much more than in previous years and enjoy many more aspects of the con that we had missed.

One of my big collections is autographs. I love meeting celebrities that star in shows that I love to watch and having that thirty second connection with them. This year, there were almost twenty people I wanted to meet and besides one, whom I decided to put off until another con, I accomplished my goal and received many new autographs and treasured items in the process. Continue reading

ComicCon-ing: A Preview of Pensacon

This weekend Nola Nerd Couple will be attending Pensacon in Pensacola, Florida.  We believe this is one of the best Comic-Cons on the Gulf Coast and in the South.  Perfectly located near the beach and I-10, Pensacon allows for a perfect getaway weekend.

Pensacon is a growing con that always gets great guests.  A few of the guests that we are excited to meet this year are:

Of course, there are plenty of more guests to check out from such series as Star WarsDoctor Who (Strax!), Agents of Shield, and Game of Thrones.

Pensacon also has a great lineup of artists as well. Probably the biggest name in for the artists is Neal Adams whose credits include Batman and X-Men. Doug Sneyd’s cartoons have been featured in Playboy since 1964.  Artists may do commissions so check the Pensacon website, um now, to find out if you need to book in advance.  The artist alley is usually my favorite part of the con.  Not only do we find great things to decorate Nola Nerd Couple Headquarters with, but also the artists are always so nice.  I, personally, love that they found a way to become successful by working hard in a field in which they had some natural talent.  It is always great to hear their origin stories. In fact, the best conversations I have had at any con have always been with the artists.

Besides media and artists guests, Pensacon has a full schedule of events.  There will be tons of panels by the actors, artists, and experts on issues related to comics and comic cons. I personally recommend “Horrible Horrible Horrible Horrible Stereotypes in Comic Book History” on Saturday at 4:45 as my colleague and friend, Bill Plasse, will be one of the presenters (Looks like Bill can’t make it, but the panel will still go on!).  Of course, I always explain Comic-Cons as “jewelry shows for geeks” and, accordingly, there will be ton of vendors there. In addition, there will also be a cosplay contest a short film festivalsci-fi speed dating, and Southeastern Teen Shakespeare Company Performance.

We will be taking plenty of pictures and may interview a few artists and convention attendees for our blog next week.  Until then, have a happy con!