Eating: Noah’s Drive-In

One of my favorite hamburger places posted this quote by Calvin Trillin on Facebook: “Anyboy who doesn’t think that the best hamburger place in the world is in his home town is a sissy.” Mr. Trillin is right. The best hamburger I ever had was from Noah’s Drive-In in Lockport.

The hamburger was just perfect. Juicy and tasty, a Noah’s hamburger was perfect in just about every way. A cheeseburger was even better because it truly forced a cohesive bond between the patty and the bread. When I got older and bigger, then it was time to have the gourmand burger. This, proving Mr. Trillin’s rule beyond a doubt, was no hamburger for sissies.

Noah’s was more than a hamburger place. Sunday after church lunch was always a special event. The broasted chicken was always delicious. My sister would be content with just the mac and cheese. After Junior High sporting events, it was a great place for a celebratory meal. The sundaes were a tradition in my house. I am sure their roast beef poboy was made with deli roast beef, yet it was the only roast beef poboy of that style that was as good as the debris poboys of New Orleans.

Not only was Mr. Noah a familiar face when you went, so was the entire family. After Mr. Noah’s tragic death, the place stayed open under different ownership, but it was not the same. It wasn’t that the food changed much, it was that the experience changed. Mr. Noah fed my family and if you are from Lockport, he probably fed yours too. That is what could never be replaced.


Eating: A Roast Beef Po-Boy at Parasol’s



The roast beef po-boy that I judge all other roast beef po-boy’s by comes from a small hole in the wall restaurant in Lockport called La Magazine. I’m not sure if the place still exists. This roast beef, slow cooked and shredded, made for a near perfect sandwich. After I moved up north, I haven’t found one as good — yet like everyone else it seems I’m determined to research this subject fully.

Parasol’s roast beef po-boy might be the new sandwich I judge all others by.

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Eating: Amazing Fried Chicken at The Praline Connection

The Praline Connection

The Praline Connection Menu

Having bought tickets to the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery through Living Social, we decided that a mid-October Saturday was the perfect time to go. But first, we had to eat. The Distillery is on Frenchman but in between the interstate split. We decided to try a Marigny restaurant. Cristina left it up to me decided. Having scoured online menus that would make us both happy, we ended up at the Praline Connection.

I started off with some hog’s head cheese served with garlic toast. The cheese was very good with a bit of a kick at the end. Also, I usually eat the mine (bought at my local farmer’s market) with just crackers. The garlic toast was a great compliment to the meat bringing a different type of spice besides heat.

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