ComicCon-ing: Megacon Orlando Is Living Up to Its Name

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MegaCon, which takes place on Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando, keeps turning into a top-notch convention. Here are the latest additions.

  • Alice Cooper:  The rock star who brought a new level of theatricality to live performances will be at MegaCon.
  • Jason Aaron:  If you read this blog often, you will notice that we are huge Star Wars fans.  At our local comic shop, we pull all Star Wars Comics.  The writer for the main title, Mr. Aaron, will be there.  He also presently writes for Thor.
  • Nolan North, Troy Baker, and Jennifer Hale:  These veteran voice actors will be at MegaCon.  Nolan North and Troy Baker are part of my favorite game series of all time, Uncharted.

They have also added some more comic creators such as:

  • Mike Zeck
  • Cat Staggs
  • Eddy Barrows
  • Zim Zub
  • Sanford Greene
  • Katie Cook
  • Mike Perkins
  • Georges Jeanty
  • Nick Bradshaw
  • Ant Lucia
  • Aaron Lopresti
  • Tony Harris
  • Giselle Lagace
  • Matt ‘Batt” Banning
  • Mike McKone

We can’t wait to see you there. You will be able to recognize us because we will be the happy couple celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary!


ComicCon-ing: MegaCon Updates

MegaCon hurt our pocketbooks with some announcements last week for its celebrity guest line-ups.

  • Jenna Coleman, who we have met in London and New Orleans, will be signing.  We haven’t had a chance to watch Victoria, yet, but I we will (which will lead to another autograph.)
  • Arthur Darvill will charge us for at least two autographs, maybe three.  We have a poster that we want the Doctors and Companions to sign, and by all rights in our heads, is Rory qualified to be a companion.  (Jenna has already signed it!). We also are thinking about getting him to sign a centurion photo. Plus, we are working on an Arrowverse poster and he is a large reason why we watch Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Speaking of Legends, the other captain of the Waverider, Caity Lotz will also be in Orlando for the con.  Being such a large part of the Arrowverse, we will get her on our poster as well.

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Celebration News

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 is less than 90 days away. Four-day passes have already sold out.  You can still purchase single day tickets here.

Stage Hosts have been announced.  David Collins, Warwick Davis, and Amy Ratcliffe will be performing hosting duties.  Mr. Collins provided voices for stormtroopers in the Force Awakens. Mr. Davis, of course, was the star of Willow and was Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi. Ms. Ratcliffe is a writer who has contributed to the Nerdist, IGN, and Star Wars Insider.  You can see some of her Star Wars writings here.

One spotlight guest has been announced.  Mr. Doug Chiang is Lucasfilm Vice President and Executive Creative Director. He “oversees designs for all new Star Wars franchise developments including films, theme parks, games, and new media.” There is not a lot of information about what he will be doing there but it looks like he will be appearing at a panel.

Star Wars Celebration Cosplay Contest is taking applications now.

When we know more news about Star Wars Celebration, we will post it here!

ComicCon-ing: Meeting the Cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation helped me get through college. It was on right when I got home and provided a great study break later on at night. At the time, we could catch TV stations from both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and luckily for me, a channel from each city played it in syndication. While I’m not the kind of Trekkie that can recite engineering schematics or much less dialogue, it is one of my favorite shows of all time.

A couple of years back, Wizard World New Orleans announced the cast would be attending the Comic Con. Due to an early Mardi Gras and the hosting of the SuperBowl, the con was moved to early December. It was on my birthday weekend. However, when the date approached, Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart, for very good reasons, had to cancel. (I didn’t vilify either one unlike Sheldon Cooper).

The rest of the cast didn’t let me down. Each one of them understood that the fans at comic cons just want a few minutes of their time to tell them what the show meant to them. Wizard World placed quite a few of them next to each other, and the chemistry that was apparent on screen was still there all these years later. They joked with each other, asked us questions, and totally made us feel great.

However, Marina Sirtis took it to the next level. Like every young man that watched the show, I had a huge crush on her. Scratch that past tense, I still have a huge crush on her. When we walked up to her booth, I think she developed a crush on….Cristina. She kept remarking how beautiful my wife was. While it wasn’t a crush on me, I can’t really complain about her gushing over Cristina! Cristina told her that the poster was my birthday present, so Sirtis gave me her autograph for free as a birthday present!

It was a great birthday. I got to spend it meeting some of my teenage heroes. I had six out of the eight actors’ signatures on my poster. I figured it would be a while before I got the last two.

To paraphrase one of my favorite attractions in Orlando…”or so I thought.”

Orlando’s MegaCon, just six months later, had the entire ST:TNG cast including Sir Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton. This was great for us since we have family that lives there. Both Stewart and Wheaton made the wait worth it. We told them we both missed them in New Orleans and they both explained why they couldn’t be there. They both understood that 30-second connection (which Wheaton actually talks about in his blog and on Twitter).

They all understood that this is a way to make sure their work lives on. Comic Cons allow us to meet our heroes. The ones that understand that a positive experience will make us rewatch their shows and tell others about our experience, which in turn may make others watch the show. Plus, the money they make at the cons has to be a great perk as well!STTNG

Now my poster is complete. It has the place of honor in our Nola Nerd Couple lounge. It makes me smile and think of how much fun we had at both of those Comic Cons. Writing about this, made me realize how much I love Comic Cons. Luckily for us, we have quite a few still in store for this year!