ComicCon-ing: Louisiana Comic Con This Weekend

The Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette will take place this weekend.  We are excited and so should you be!

One of the best things about any con is the panels. Here is the panel schedule:


As you can tell, the celebrity guests are going to be on the main stage. The Panel Room, however, offers something different for con goers. These panels cover a full range of topics from cosplaying, writing, and drawing.

We hope to see you at one of the panels!


ComicCon-ing: Comics at Louisiana Comic Con

As I was looking at the Louisiana Comic Con’s excellent Facebook page, I came across one of their vendor spotlight posts.  This was for Big J’s comic shop. One of the first comments was “more comics at a comic con is something I fully support.” Well, here at Nola Nerd Couple we couldn’t agree more.

Louisiana Comic Con responded that they have six comic guests and at least four comics vendors, plus few vendors that will sell comics along with other items.

The comics guests are Mike Zeck, John Beatty, Rob Guillory, Kody Chamberlain, Greg Burnham, and Brian Steward. We have met most of the main celebrity guests, so for this one, I want to meet all of the comics guests.  I’ve read the first volume of Chew and it has left me hungry for more. For labor day weekend, I plan on submerging myself into Mike Zeck and John Beatty’s work in Marvel comics.  For Chamberlain, Burnham, and Steward, I can’t wait to read some of their work and plan on buying some directly from them. Tuskegee Heirs, Mr. Burnham’s comic, seems like it is right in my wheelhouse of interests.

You have to love a comic con that still supports comics!


ComicCon-ing: Louisiana Comic Con is Less than a Month Away

If you have been reading the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed that we are excited about the Louisiana Comic Con.  The more nerdy events in our area, the better.  And any reason that gets me to Lafayette is a good idea.

The con will be held September 16 and 17 at the Cajundome.  Saturday’s hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sunday the con is open from 10 am to 5 pm.  It’s $25 for a single day pass, but you get a great deal if you buy weekend passes for $40.  If you have a military id, you can purchase at the box office in person weekend passes for $25.  Children ages 2 to 10 will only be charged $5, but also must be bought in person.

There will be professional photo ops which will be done by Wolf Studios Photograph.  We have had them before, and they do a great job.

The con still is adding great guests.  For me, the most impressive guest addition is John Russo.  Mr. Russo is the co-writer of the screenplay for the Night of the Living Dead. He will also be appearing at a showing of The Night of the Living Dead on the 16th at the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise theater and will do a question and answer session afterward.  This event is an after hours event and costs $5. Also, if you go their guest web page, you will see some of the prices for autographs, selfies, and photo-ops under each guest.

The Official After Party will be held at The Studio Downtown with 106.4 Radio Lafayette.

Hope to see you there! Well, maybe not the after party, we are kind of old! But you may catch us at The Olde Tyme Grocery after eating the best shrimp po’boy on the planet.


Eating and Concerting: Old Tyme Grocery and NKOTBSB

Because I’m a great husband and also because I’m the best brother ever, I recently accompanied my wife, sister, and sister-in-law to Lafayette for the NKOTBSB concert. I had one condition for the torture that would befall my ears in form of young girls and older women shrieking: a shrimp po-boy from Old Tyme Grocery.

I found out about this place by coaching basketball. The coach who I was an assistant for loves this place. He also loves shrimp and has pretty high standards especially since his brother trawls for a living. He always has a freezer stocked. He is right, this place makes a great fried shrimp po-boy. It is set up like a grocery but with only chips and drinks to buy besides the sandwiches. They also server oyster po-boys as well as meatball, ham and roast beef ones. I have no report on these other sandwiches for I always get the shrimp po-boy.

They use large 10-20 shrimp on their sandwich and even though some fall off you never just get a bread bite. The bread is toasted yet still soft. I don’t like much on a fried po-boy, just a little hot sauce and mayonnaise. However, I would eat this one plain. The shrimp taste fresh and the batter is seasoned just enough. If you are in Lafayette, check it out. However, they are cash only.

As far as the concert goes, it wasn’t all that bad. I was in high school when the New Kid’s were popular so it brought many memories of hating the band yet always trying to find the right girl to dance to when one of their slow songs came on. I bought my sister a ticket as a present and she loved it when Donnie took off any clothes. And to be brutally honesty, they have aged a lot better than most of their fans. My wife adores the Backstreet Boys and to see her get so excited when she saw them made it worth it. Except for when she looked at Nick Carter. Then, I got a little jealous. Just a little.