Reading: Nerd Links for October 8-14, 2016

The Definitive Guide to Cord-Cutting in 2016, Based on Your Habits:  The New York Times is a little full of itself with that title in that it really doesn’t bring anything new to the discussion except the part about habits. We have cut the cord and really haven’t missed much.  We can get most sports stuff with our antennae, however it would be nice if ESPN did a standalone service like HBO Now.

Obama, the nerd in chief, unveils $300 million for science: As a computer science teacher and a nerd, Obama’s push for science and science education is one of his greatest strengths.

Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks ‘Nerd’ on ‘Jeopardy’Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks ‘Nerd’ on ‘Jeopardy’: Um, Alex don’t you know your audience?

Grilling Tips from Mark Zuckerberg, Barbecue Nerd: Of course, I loved the fact that he has a Big Green Egg.  Personally, I would love an offset, but our townhouse doesn’t have the room for one which is what makes the Big Green Egg perfect for us.

Nerd Navigators: New Orleans: This post reminds me that we haven’t written a Nola-ing blog in a while. We need to remedy that.

Van Gogh, Mental Illness, and Doctor Who: This is an excellent article that the author, who is not a medical professional and states so, shares her thoughts on mental illness using the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who.  It is a sweet, tender blog who uses her fandom to tackle an important subject. She even states that she discovered Van Gogh because of Doctor Who. After that she did research about h is life and made real world connections. I think that shows the power of nerd culture.  It often fills in gaps in our education an inspires us to learn more.


Cooking: Slow and Low Ribs on the Big Green Egg

From the moment that I learned of the Big Green Egg, I’ve wanted one.  A ceramic cooker that can smoke, grill, and roast sounds like heaven.  However, for one reason or another, we kept putting off getting it.

Then, Cristina surprised me with a MiniMax for Christmas.


The MiniMax Big Green Egg Box

After a few cooks of chicken breasts, I did my first slow and low cook.  My local grocer had some St. Louis ribs for a good price.  I bought some rub instead of making my own. I bought the only BBQ rub the store had that day, which wasn’t bad.  I can’t wait to try Dizzy Pig rubs as well as make my own. Around noon I split the rack in half so it could fit on the minimax.  I coated one with olive oil and applied the rub while I coated the other with mustard and did the same.  I placed the ribs back in the fridge.  Around 1:30 I lit the Big Green Egg using Big Green Egg brand Lump Charcoal.  I also added some apple wood chunks.  Once I got the grill to 250, I put the plate setter and grill on and then the ribs.  I also put on two potatoes to slow cook at the same time.  I monitored the egg until it reached 250 again.  Once it got there, I adjusted the vents so the tempature stabilized.

The big green egg held the temperature for the next 3 hours making the ribs look like this:


I then wrapped the  ribs in foil with butter, honey, rub, and apple juice.  I put them back on for another 45 minutes. Here are some pictures of the final result.


The final result was a little drier than I wanted them to be, but they were very tasty.  I think the last 45 minutes might have been too long or I didn’t add enough juice. I didn’t use a drip pan either.  The flavoring was fantastic, however.  If I want to be a pit master, I’ll have to make some adjustments. While I don’t ever plan on competing, I do want to take cooking on the big green egg seriously enough that my cooks can compete.  Any advice is welcomed!

Festing: The Freret Street Festival

Freret St. Festival

Freret St. Festival

I have mixed feelings about Social Media. Sometimes it’s too much information literally and figuratively. Sometimes it’s too much misinformation. But sometimes, the information is just right. And when it leads to you to a great street festival it’s down right perfect.

And April 7 was a perfect day for the Freret Street Festival.

The Fry Bar set the trap for us to attend. When they posted they were going to be at the Festival, I knew were we would be that Saturday.

Considering that this is a street festival, parking was surprisingly easy on Napoleon. Once we got to Freret, we started the walk towards Fry Bar. We were starving and the art booths could wait. Cristina ordered the garlic and feta fries while I went with the garlic and sea salt fries. We both loved the roasted red pepper ketchup that went with them, the perfect dip (though they are so delicious, they don’t necessarily need it!). Now, to understand how great of compliment that is, you must understand that I hate ketchup. Normally, I feel that if you need to put ketchup on something to make it taste better, then it really doesn’t taste good enough to eat. This ketchup and the cinnamon-tinged ketchup at Cowbell are the only two versions of that tomato sauce you will probably ever see on my plate.

Mardi Gras Indian

Mardi Gras Indian

The Crowd at the Freret Street Festival

The Crowd at the Freret Street Festival

Now we needed some protein. Being a sucker for alligator, I got a grilled sausage poboy from one of the booths. Cristina fared better with her choice of a BBQ Roast Beef poboy from Boo Koo BBQ. I was lucky in that she was willing to share. The roast beef, slow cooked and super tender, was covered in one of the best BBQ sauces I’ve ever had. Now that Boo Koo operates out of Finn McCool’s, I foresee us writing more reports of their food in the future. For dessert, Cristina enjoyed a birthday cupcake from Sweet NOLA Cupcakes.

Having fun at the Festival

Having fun at the Festival

The rest of the day we spent looking at the art in the booths. Most of the ones we really liked were a little out of price range. I didn’t run across any of the cutting boards I’ve been looking for. However, Cristina did find one piece of art from Voodoo Skull New Orleans that she felt needed to be in our house.

Yeah You Right!

Yeah You Right!

I couldn’t agree more.