NOLA-ing: NOLA Baby Firsts

If you follow cute New Orleans-centric stores like Fleurty Girl and NOLA Gifts and Decor, you might have seen the adorable NOLA Baby Firsts print by local artist Allie Behan. I ogled over this print on FaceBook, thinking that it would be a perfect keepsake to commemorate our daughter’s first NOLA experiences. From going to the zoo for the first time to eating her first crawfish or snoball, this print fits into our interests and lifestyle perfectly. Unfortunately, when I visited two different Fleurty Girl stores, they were sold out out of this popular print (they have since restocked). I was bummed, but figured I could wait; after all, it is not like she can do everything on the print yet.

Nola baby firsts

Image courtesy of Fleurty Girl.

A few days later at work, a coworker of ours gave us gift for our daughter. Happily, it was the NOLA Baby Firsts print! I think I squealed with delight when I saw it. It is so sweet to have such marvelous people in our daughter’s life. We are definitely blessed and started planning out when to start accomplishing some of these firsts. We then picked which first we thought we would accomplish last. My husband guessed her first Saints game since we have only ever been to one and that was during the preseason. I picked her first streetcar ride since in all my time living in and around New Orleans, I have never ridden the streetcar! Though maybe we will purposely ride one now, just to make sure we fulfill all of the firsts.

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NOLA-ing: Animal Business at the Audubon Zoo

Summer heat in New Orleans is down right oppressive.  It is almost cruel to have to go outside. God bless those that have to work outside in the summer time.  The humidity talks most of us out of doing things during the middle of the day.  This is why I love the period from mid-October to mid-April.  Sure, winter can have a biting cold but there is just as much of a chance of that happening as there is of having a day in the high 60s-low70s.  And on those days, the Audubon Zoo is the place to be.

At the zoo during this time, they just might ask or inquire about you.  Yes, I just threw that joke out there. But seriously, the animals like to be outside at this time.  We have all been to the zoo when it is too warm and the animals are hiding in the shade.  Who can blame them!  We took advantage of one of those days and had a great time.  Plenty of opportunities for good pictures and plenty of smiles all around.

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Speaking of animal fun, this weekend at the Fair Grounds there will be ostrich and zebra racing.  That’s not a misprint.

NOLA-ing: And now for something completely different

Notice anything different about this blog post? First, look at the URL. That’s right! We bought a domain! Now, if you have the old website name saved, it will still take you here. But, this is a simpler URL to remember. Plus, it describes this blog perfectly. Second, this isn’t a blog post by Kurt, it’s by Cristina! Okay, okay, stop the cheering. You knew this day was coming, you just didn’t realize it would be so soon, did you?

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