Watching: Arrowverse Recap Week 11 & 12

I decided to differentiate my titles by going off the sequence of The Arrow since it is the Arrowverse.  Since this is show 11 and 12 for that show, this is week 11 & 12. Of course, spoilers ahead so I’ll just put the jump here.  And we haven’t been able to watch Supergirl season 1, so we will not include that show in our recaps.

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ComicCon-ing: The Arrowverse at Pensacon

Since we often write about the Arrowverse on Tuesdays and we are writing about Pensacon all this week, I figured I would combine the two.  Now, none of the series regulars will be at Pensacon, the con did get an impressive list of actors from the shows to make an appearance.

  • Wil Travel played Human Target on Arrow season 5 episode “Human Target”
  • Author Ramon Terrell played Danny de la Vega on the first season episode “Burned”
  • Firefly star, Sean Maher, played Shrapnel on Season 2’s “Blast Radius” and “Suicide Squad”
  • Michael Rowe played Floyd Lawton/Deadshot on numerous episodes of Arrow and appeared in Earth 2 on Flash.
  • X-Files Star Nicholas Lea played Mark Francis on Arrow in season 2 who was instrumental in Moria Queen’s candidacy for mayor.
  • Matt Ryan had his own DC show on NBC with Constantine. He reprised that role on during Arrow’s season 4 in the episode “Haunted.”
  • John Wesley Shipp shouldn’t need any introduction to fans of the Arrowverse. He has played Henry Allen, Barry’s father, and Jay Garrick the Flash in Earth 2.  Also, he played Barry Allen on the Flash series in the 90s.

On Saturday, there will be a panel entitled Breaking Down the Arrowverse in the Grand Hotel 1st Floor Room B at 7:45. On Sunday, Michael Rowe, John Wesley Shipp, and Matt Ryan will discuss the TV Universe in a panel at the Saenger Theatre Main Stage at 1pm.


ComicCon-ing: Arrow Panel at Wizard World New Orleans

Before Sunday’s panel with Arrow stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey at Wizard World New Orleans, we were able to get both of their autographs.  We were the first in line for David Ramsey. We actually had a great discussion with his convention manager about conventions in general since we have seen her at other events around the world.  When Mr. Ramsey arrived, we were struck by how large of man he is.  He stood at the edge of the table and greeted his fans that way. He told us he went to Frenchmen Street the night before (an acceptable excuse for being late).

When we met Stephen Amell we asked him about his winery, Nocking Point. We had tried to join his wine club, but it’s not available in Louisiana.  We asked him why and he said that was really a question for Louisiana.  Looks like we will be writing our congressmen!

Both stars did their best to answer the questions posed by the audience as seriously as they could. Some questions, they can’t answer like what will happen next on the show.

Pictures and audio from the panel after the jump.

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ComicCon-ing: Portion of the Stephen Amell and David Ramsey Arrow Panel at Wizard World New Orleans

This week we will be posting about our adventures at Wizard World New Orleans.

We tried doing a Facebook live video for the first time this weekend during the Arrow panel with Stephen Amell and David Ramsey.  Will try to do more in the future, so make sure you follow our Facebook page!

We will have a full recap of this panel later this week, including audio.

ComicCon-ing: Wizard World New Orleans Celebrity Panels Preview for Sunday.

For the next two weeks, most of our blogs will be about Wizard World New Orleans. The Convention is held at the Morial Convention Center on January 6,7, and 8th.  This week we will be previewing the event, and next week reviewing the event. 

Earlier today, we highlighted some of the celebrity panels that will take place on Saturday. 

Here is a list of some of the celebrity panels that will take place on Sunday:

11:00-11:45:  Ain’t That a Bat to the Head, A CONversation with Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun on the Main Stage.  This panel will focus on two of The Walking Dead characters.

12:00-12:45: Protecting Star City, A CONversation with Stephen Amell and David Ramsey on the Main Stage.  The two stars of Arrow and the Arrowverse will probably be one of the highlights of the celebrity panels.

1:00-1:30 INSIDE THE RING, A CONversation with WWE® SUPERSTAR FINN BÁLOR® in room 238.  

1:00-1:45 BACK TO HOGWARTS, A CONversation with TOM FELTON (MAIN STAGE) This panel should feature lots of questions about the Harry Potter series as well as The Flash. Mr. Felton had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict.

2:00-2:45 GREAT SCOTT! REVISITING BACK TO THE FUTURE with CHRISTOPHER LLOYD and TOM WILSON (MAIN STAGE) A reunion of these two Back to the Future stars will probably make for some great stories.

People who purchased VIPs for artists are the only ones guaranteed seats for those panels. Seating is first-come-first-served. Panel rooms are not cleared after each session.

For a full listing of the panels, click here.

ComicCon-ing: Early Wizard World New Orleans Preview

At Nola Nerd Couple, you know we love comic cons. Well, New Orleans Comic Con is just two months away!  New Orleans’s largest comic con will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention center on January 6,7, and 8 2017.  While there are still plenty of more guests to be announced, it is already shaping up to be a great con!

Wizard World runs the New Orleans Comic con.  We have attended the New Orleans Comic Con for quite a while now and have even gone to other Wizard World Cons such as the one at Philadelphia.  Their cons are always smoothly run.  They always get top notch entertainment.

For people like us that collect celebrity autographs, this is shaping up to be a great con. Stephen Amell and David Ramsey of Arrow will be there. Mr. Amell will only be there on Sunday so if you plan on meeting him, make sure you plan wisely.  Having met him before, he is always charming to his guests and works hard to make sure all people who pay for an autograph get an experience worth the money they are spending.  Two Sons of Anarchy actors will be there as well also. I haven’t met Theo Rossi before and am looking forward to add him to the collection. And since he is in Luke Cage, I might have to buy two autographs.  We have met Ryan Hurst before, but part of me wants to get a Remember the Titans picture signed. For those that only know him as Opie from SoA be warned, he is a gentle giant.  Other actors that have announced are Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek, who is still as beautiful as ever, and Peter Mayhew (Chewbaccca) who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet at a convention.  As soon as other guests are announced, we will post them on our website!

The line up for the artists for New Orleans this year is incredible. I’m only going to list a few of them here but this is as strong as of line up of artists and writers that I have seen at a con.  Here are just a few:

  • Neal Adams:  An Eisner Award Hall of Famer he has worked on Batman, Green Lantern, X-Men, Superman, and Avengers. Favoring a realist style in his artwork, his artwork helped revive quite a few characters and created some of the greatest works in comics.  I can’t tell you the number of people that have told me how great Green Lantern/Green Arrow is, and it is on my to read list.
  • Fred Van Lente: I consider Mr. Van Lente’s Comic Book History of Comics to be required reading for nerds. I can’t wait to start Archer and Armstrong, his current work wiht Valiant Comics.
  • Bob Camp: The guy worked on Ren and Stimpy.  Do I need to say more?!
  • Sam Humphries:  The current writer for Green Lanterns!
  • Ken Kelly:  The first album I ever bought with my own money was Kiss’s Destroyer.  Best 5 cents I have spent at a garage sale.  Mr. Kelly painted the cover.
  • Phil Ortiz:  Mr. Ortiz has worked on the Simpsons, Muppet Babies, and He-Man.  We highly recommend you get a “Simpsonized” portrait of yourself!
  • Joe Quinones:  His relaunched Howard the Duck is excellent. He even got Lea Thompson to agree to “be” in the book!
  • Dan Slott:  Mr. Slott is Marvel writer working on Amazing Spider-Man since 2008.  His run on the present Silver Surfer is one of best Marvel books out right now.
  • Rachel Stott:  One of my favorite illustrators, her work on the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover is brilliant. It stays true to the masks from the film while allowing a high level of expressiveness from those characters.

Besides celebrities and artists, Wizard World New Orleans always has great panels and events such as the costume contests.  They are still working on the  approving and scheduling approving of panels and events.

When they release more celebrity guests, events, and programming, we will write about it here!