Concert-ing: The Force Leads Me to The Replacements

Paul Westerberg and I after a show in New Orleans' House of Blues

Paul Westerberg and I after a show in New Orleans’ House of Blues

I bought my first Replacements album on December 27, 1990. You can read more about that story here. It’s hard for me to express what the band truly means to me. Each album, which I discovered in reverse order, spoke to me as a best friend would. They made me not feel alone in my loneliness (“Aching to Be,” “I Only You Was Lonely,” and “Sixteen Blue”), encouraged me to go out on limbs (“I Will Dare” and, strangely, “Unsatisfied”), reminded me of my earliest music memories (“Black Diamond”) , taught me about music undiscovered (“Alex Chilton”), and how to just let go and have fun (“Customer” and “I.O.U”). The music of The Replacements never let me down (well, with the exception of “I Won’t”). There was a period for nearly half a decade that I listened to them every single day. I never traveled far without them. However, they broke up when I was just getting to know them, but the great thing about music is that bands that break up always get back together when you play their music.

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