Traveling: The Lost Days of Disney and Zurich

Entrance to Disneyland Paris

The entrance to Disneyland Paris

Wow, did we plan poorly when we decided to go to Disneyland Paris. We should have gone to Disneyland, then to Paris. To travel to our next destination, Zurich, we needed to leave from Paris. We set up to where we had to travel to Disneyland, a forty-minute excursion from Paris, go to the parks, sleep, then ride the train back to the train station to go to Zurich. Not a wise move on our part.

Getting to Disneyland was easy though. The train, while slow-moving, was comfortable and not crowded. We had a little trouble finding the hotel, mainly because I decided to ask where the hotel was in French. Apparently, my accent was pretty good because the woman didn’t hesitate to answer me in French. Very fast French. Luckily, she was an expressive talker and I could discern some directions from her hand motions.

After we placed our backpacks in the hotel rooms, we headed out to the park. By the way, my backpack was getting lighter from the throwing away of socks and underwear. Cristina’s was getting heavier from the buying of souvenirs.

Now, why did we go to Disneyland instead of spending another day in Paris? Well, we both really like the Disney Parks. Cristina has been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld. I have only been to the one in Florida. We are both the sort of people who leave our disbelief at the turnstile. We buy into the Disney manufactured magic and we don’t care. Call us corporate sell outs, if you must, but we always have a good time at a Disney park.

Until this day.

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