Traveling: Last Day in Dublin

The last day of our trip in Dublin was spent mainly riding the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus. We didn’t take many pictures, mainly due to bad weather, but also do to what I call travel exhaustion.

I really don’t remember much about this day except that we were practically out of Euros, so this is just a picture post.









We did board a plane to London that night. We stayed in a Nice section of Shepard’s Bush not too far from Earl’s Court.  The next day we took the train to Hampton Court so we could time travel to the time of Henry VIII.


Traveling: Trinity, The Book of Kells, and an Overview of Dublin

The Temple Bar in Dublin

The Temple Bar in Dublin

In a test of wills, our first lecture in Ireland was the morning after the Guinness brewery tour. After a quick breakfast at the local market, we made the trek to the university.  However, this was not just any university.  We were having class at Trinity University.

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Traveling: Dublin and the Guinness Brewery

The worst part about Dublin was getting there. Our flight was before 7 am, which meant we had to be at the airport entirely too early.  We were planning to fly to London after Dublin for our first free weekend.  We had three reasons to go to London.  We wanted to take a day trip out to Hampton Palace, visit the Science Museum, and attend the London Comic Con.  Our friend, a huge Star Wars autograph collector, gave us some of his posters to be signed at the con.  Therefore, besides our luggage, we had a poster tube and a portfolio book.

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