Traveling: Surrounded by Water and Orange in Amsterdam

Kurt and Cristina in front of a canal in Amsterdam

Kurt and Cristina in front of a canal in Amsterdam

Our second to last city in our Europe Chronicles, Amsterdam, was also one of the most beautiful cities we visited. And I didn’t even visit a coffee shop.

Our hotel was a little out of the way, but the public transportation made sure we didn’t even notice. We walked from the Central station towards Anne Frank’s house. There was a church with an observation tower, and Cristina likes torturing me with visits to high places. Luckily for me, we arrived right after closing and they were actually booked full for the next two day. Shucks. We were hungry so we looked for something to eat with our new found time. It seems that Amsterdam has an ordinance that requires an Italian restaurant and an Argentinean steakhouse every three blocks. We settled on a little mom and pop looking Italian restaurant that had a nice seafood selection. I ordered a lightly fried seafood platter that was very fresh and tasty. Cristina’s pasta was also quite good.

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