Traveling: Czech it Out — Prague

Kurt and Cristina in front of the Vltava River

Posing in front of the Vltava River

If Florence was our favorite city from our Europe trip, Prague is a very close second. Unfortunately because of our long train day (never schedule Innsbruck then Prague unless you can book a sleeper car) we only got to spend one day in this lovely city. However, it was nearly a perfect day.

When we did arrive in Prague, it was late and we were hungry. There was mall next door to our hotel that had quite a few restaurants covering most of Europe’s cuisine. Cristina, her Italian blood and appetite reawaken by spending days with her family, picked La Piazetta because she was still craving Italian food. I ordered the petto d’anatra al maiale (duck breast with a honey basil crust). Very good and tender but served slightly cool. However, the coolness didn’t hurt the flavor. In fact, I might have to do this in my kitchen with chicken. Cristina ordered some sort of pasta dish…good, but unremarkable. After our meal, we opted not to go experience the Prague nightlife and just sleep instead. We had to try to cram as much of Prague as we could into the next day.

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