Traveling: Innsbruck or Winter in June

Dom Sankt Jakob

Dom Sankt Jakob

Against Rick Steves’ advice, we decided to make our Austria stop in Innsbruck. Steves is right, there really isn’t much to do in Innsbruck. It’s a very small city that focuses on tourism. This is why we loved it. There really wasn’t the pressure to see anything. It was just a city where we could walk around and just enjoy being in Europe.

When we arrived, which was about mid-June, the temperature was in the mid forties and it was misting. We packed some wind breakers but we had nothing for this. We walked arm in arm through the streets not because we were in love so much as we needed the body heat. It was a Sunday, so we tried to find a Catholic Church. We found one that looked like a Catholic Church (Christ was on the cross) so we decided to attend mass which was just about to begin. I remember taking German in college but that’s all I remember about it. We knew we were safe with all the genuflecting, but we finally were positive we were in a Catholic church when the priest said Benedict’s name.

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