Reading: Nerd Links – January 21-27

Legion of Collectors:  This blog is about a guy who collects subscription boxes from Marvel, DC, and Stan Lee.  However, this reviewer isn’t just any body (like your favorite bloggers), this guy is Tony Isabella.  Mr. Isabella created Black Lightning for DC and Misty Knight for Marvel, so he brings a unique perspective to collecting.  The box he discuss strikes a memory from his days at DC and what he would have done had he taken over the reigns of Aquaman in the 70s.

New York Times is Killing It’s Comics Bestseller Lists, and the Comic World Isn’t Pleased:  Regardless of how you feel about the New York Times, having a best-selling list of comics/graphic novels was good for the industry.  Comics are still considered by many as second class literature.  While the NYT promises expanded coverage of comics, the list provided insight to what people were reading and, more importantly, a list for new readers to check out.

The Star Wars Death Star Trench Isn’t Where You Think It Is:  Sure, the super fans will say they alway new it wasn’t the huge horizontal trench all along, but I won’t.  I always though Luke and the rest of gang were in that trench.  Now, I know better.

The Power of Fandom In History’s Chame: Why we need to Demand Better Content:  The first half of the title is kind of odd, but this article does make a basic point.  The only way we are going to get stories that reflect who we really are is to only purchase those stories. We should all be tired of the “girl in the refrigerator” trope, but until we do anything about it with our pocketbooks, some writers will use it. The article also does a good job of explaining how we can like characters we hate, but that we need to remember they aren’t good people.


Reading: Nerd Links

Our school is on a 4×4 block schedule which means midterm is actually the end of the year for the fall students.  This also means most of my free time was taken up with grading and all that fun stuff.  This is the first time in a while I got to look up some nerd links.

Comic Con inspires East Middle School students: A Missouri school puts on its own comic con complete with student work.  This is a fantastic idea.

Hispanic Cultural Center hold first ever Indigenous Comic-Con:  This con was a showcase for Indigenous artists, writers, creators, and fans. Long time victims of racial stereotypes in comics and other fictional media, this con allowed for Native Americans a chance to tell their owns stories in their own styles.

Bid for Star Wars Religion is Shot Down:  Ok, but can we all agree that Dudeism is one?

The 12 Days of Blake: your New Orleans holiday questions, answered:  This article is very New Orleans-centric.  However, it is fascinating for locals and I think tourists to the city in December as well.  Advent season is my favorite time in New Orleans, even beating out Mardi Gras and football season.

Reading: Nerd Links for November 4-11, 2016

How Female Fans Made ‘Star Wars’ Their Own:  A great article about how female fans formed their own fan groups.  Often sci-fi fandom is wrongly considered a male dominated domain.  It truly isn’t even though there a few bad male apples that try to assert their dominance.

The Strong Women of Star Wars:   A good introduction for non-Star Wars fanatics to the women of Star Wars.

Moebius and Beyond: An Introduction to European Comics:  Paste has been increasing their comic coverage over the last year.  This is a good thing.

Valiant’s Cat Cosplay Proves Humans Aren’t the Best Cosplayers: Because it’s cats in cosplay.

Reading: Nerd Links October 29- November 4, 2016

The Ars Technica science fiction bucket list—42 movies every geek must see: The problem with lists is the films they leave off.  Fury Road but no Road Warrior?

West Gone Wild: 9 of comics’ weirdest westerns: I’ve only read one on this list, Secret Wars, but I enjoyed that one so much I will check out the others.

White House Prepares to Hand Over @POTUS to the Next POTUS:  President Obama is our only President to have a twitter account.  Interesting article of how they will archive his tweets and other posts on social media and how the White House will handle the transition.

Is It Time for Wonder Woman to Hang Up Her Bathing Suit?:  Interesting take on Wonder Woman’s suit.  While reading the comics is not the suit of her, or other female characters that bother me, it’s more of the angle of the drawing or position the character is in.  This is what makes the suit an objectifying focus.  Also, I was recently reading a comic in which Black Canary was in her fishnet stocking outfit in the North Pole.  I know it’s a comic but that’s not even close to allowing me to suspend my disbelief.  It’s time that heroes, both female and male, are outfitted in a way that makes sense for their powers and the situation.

Reading: Nerd Links for October 15-21, 2016

A Brief History of Princess Leia’s Bikini:  Carrie Fisher deserves a lot of credit for pointing out that she was never truly Jabba’s slave.  She was a Hutt Slayer.  However, as she also says, that wasn’t a Bikini; it was just metal.   While of course she was attractive in the outfit, the article does a good job of making sure that we realize we are Jabba when we objectify her because of it.

Wonder Woman to be Sworn in as UN Ambassador:   Not only that but the character will also be on a stamp.

10 Rules For How To Make Money As A Comic Con Artist: This is not only great for artists, but it’s good job advice in general.  I do like how they also call out the lack of diversity in the field right now and how fans challenged publishers at NYC Comic Con.


Reading: Nerd Links for October 8-14, 2016

The Definitive Guide to Cord-Cutting in 2016, Based on Your Habits:  The New York Times is a little full of itself with that title in that it really doesn’t bring anything new to the discussion except the part about habits. We have cut the cord and really haven’t missed much.  We can get most sports stuff with our antennae, however it would be nice if ESPN did a standalone service like HBO Now.

Obama, the nerd in chief, unveils $300 million for science: As a computer science teacher and a nerd, Obama’s push for science and science education is one of his greatest strengths.

Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks ‘Nerd’ on ‘Jeopardy’Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks ‘Nerd’ on ‘Jeopardy’: Um, Alex don’t you know your audience?

Grilling Tips from Mark Zuckerberg, Barbecue Nerd: Of course, I loved the fact that he has a Big Green Egg.  Personally, I would love an offset, but our townhouse doesn’t have the room for one which is what makes the Big Green Egg perfect for us.

Nerd Navigators: New Orleans: This post reminds me that we haven’t written a Nola-ing blog in a while. We need to remedy that.

Van Gogh, Mental Illness, and Doctor Who: This is an excellent article that the author, who is not a medical professional and states so, shares her thoughts on mental illness using the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who.  It is a sweet, tender blog who uses her fandom to tackle an important subject. She even states that she discovered Van Gogh because of Doctor Who. After that she did research about h is life and made real world connections. I think that shows the power of nerd culture.  It often fills in gaps in our education an inspires us to learn more.

Reading: Nerd Links for October 1-7

MADAYA MOM:  It’s hard for reporters to get into Syria, so one clever reporter for ABC started a text friendship with a Syrian mother of five.  A friendship and a story developed.  ABC then teamed with Marvel (both are under the Disney umbrella) to create a riveting comic book telling of her story.  Comics don’t always have to be about superheros, even though in this case it actually is about one.

Why Can’t Fanboys Handle Comic Diversity?   Another article about diversity in comic books and comic book movies. No new ground is broken here, but the fact that another publication is writing about it, show it’s is still a topic that needs to be addressed.  I highly recommend the Longbox podcast, especially the social issues segment, to see how far comics has come (and how far it still needs to go).  It’s time for us fans to catch up.

Here’s the Insane Amount of Money Comic Con Stars Get for Signing Autographs:  Last week’s Hollywood Reporter’s link has been cannibalized by other news sources. Still no discussion of how much comic book artists make (except Stan Lee), and this one again only hints at the over-saturation.  However, if the rumor about RDJ wants 1.5 million for an appearence, I would bet a well run con would make money off of him.

Aliens is nothing like Alien—and all the better for it:   Aliens is the rare sequel that is a masterpiece on its own merit.  If Alien wouldn’t have exist Aliens would still be great.  And any movie that understands that Paul Riser’s would make a great villain is a brilliant piece of directing.