Concert-ing: Exile on Bourbon Street

Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones is a mess of a record. Mick Jagger has never actually warmed up to it. Keith Richards was intoxicated most of the time. The mix isn’t muddy and could be so much better. They just run with the mistakes throughout the album.

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In other words, it’s a perfect rock’n’roll album.

Over the years, it has always gone up in stature. It continually appears on the multitudes of best rock albums of all time and usually quite high on the list.

It’s a monolith of an album that can intimidate anyone trying to cover any of the songs off of it. Someone would have to be crazy to cover all of it.

Enter Ryan Adams.

Ryan Adams is one of the Nola Nerd Couple’s favorite musical artists. He is the rare artist that we both love equally. He can rub people the wrong way, but he doesn’t say things that are genuinely insane like some other more famous artists in the news today. He has always had a prolific output, and he is consistently good and sometimes reaches the heights of his idols. He has done the cover the entire album thing before with his intriguing cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989. He found his truths in the songs.

But that was in a studio. On May 5, 2018, he will cover Exile on Main St. live at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans (tickets). He will be joined by Cyril Neville, John Medeski, Mark Mullins, Terence Higgins, and more are promised. Don Was will be the musical director.

Ryan is readying himself for the challenge.


We will be there, thanking California for its bitter fruit along with Mr. Adams and company.


Listening: Distant Worlds, Music from Final Fantasy Comes to New Orleans

Distant Worlds, the music from Final Fantasy, will be performed at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans.  This performance will be held on March 31, 2017.

This is the first time the music from Final Fantasy comes to New Orleans.  The concert will feature Nobuo Uematsu’s music from the video game series.  The orchestra will be conducted by Arnie Roth with HD video from the games being played at the same time.

The concert includes the performance of:
  • FINAL FANTASY XV: Apocalypsis Noctis
  • FINAL FANTASY VI: Character Theme Medley
  • FINAL FANTASY VII: Opening Bombing Mission
  • FINAL FANTASY VIII: Liberi Fatali
  • FINAL FANTASY X: Zanarkand

Having been to the Legends of Zelda version of this, this should be a fantastic event.  For younger fans of Final Fantasy, it will expose them to the wonders of live orchestra music. For older fans, it will bring back floods of memories of the hours spending time playing the games.

Episode 20: The Afghan Whigs and the Jesus and Mary Chain

On December 10, 2016, the Afghan Whigs put on a benefit show for their guitarist, Dave Rosser, who has inoperable colon cancer. All the proceeds of the show, and two more shows in Los Angeles, will go to help fund Mr. Rosser’s medical expenses.  For the show, The Afghan Whigs were playing their 1996 album, Black Love, in its entirety.  Considering that this is my favorite album by them and the great cause that was going along with it, it was a show I could not miss. The next weekend, The Jesus and Mary Chain played in New Orleans. Finally, got to check them off my bucket list.

Show Notes and Pictures:

The Afghan Whigs

Black Love by the Afghan Whigs:

Pictures from the Afghan Whigs Benefit for Dave Rosser:

Dave Rosser’s Go Fund Me

Double Day by the Afghan Whigs

Blame, Etc.


The Jesus and Mary Chain

Playlist from the Jesus and Mary Chain Show in Atlanta (which I’m pretty sure is the same one used for New Orleans)

Pictures from the Jesus and Mary Chain

Head On by the Jesus and Mary Chain:

Episode 17: Peter Hook, Joy Division, New Order, Control

This week on Mr. Nola Nerd Couple’s music podcast, I review a concert by Peter Hook and Light at the Republic in New Orleans.  Mr. Hook played all of New Order’s Substance as well as Joy Division’s album of the same name.  It was a great night of music and one that has made me go back and listen to a lot of Joy Division and New Order. The venue, the Republic, was perfect.  I also talk about the movie Control, which depicts the life of Joy Division’s lead singer, Ian Curtis.

Show Notes:

Peter Hook and Light Setlist for November 14, 2016, at the Republic in New Orleans.

Joy Division: Substance

New Order: Substance isn’t available for streaming. You can find it on amazon.

Control (available for streaming on Amazon Prime).

Episode 14: New Orleans Music Venues

This week on the Mr. Nola Nerd Couple Music podcast, I discuss some of the concert venues around New Orleans.  After Katrina, it seemed like we just had large venues and small venues.  Now, we have venues for all sizes and types of music.  It’s a great time to enjoy live music in New Orleans.  This is especially evident in that if you listen to this podcast you could name 10 more venues that I didn’t even mention like the Orpheum, Mahila Jackson, and Snug Harbor.  Making a podcast about attending shows made me realize I need to attend more shows!

Episode 11: Angel Olsen, Teenage Fanclub, and Beck

This week on Mr. Nola Nerd Couple’s Music Podcast, Mr. Nola Nerd Couple discusses new releases by Angel Olsen and Teenage Fanclub.  Angel Olsen has a great new album entitled My Woman.  Her music creates a great atmosphere which allows for her expressive voice find some room. Teenage Fanclub is a model of consistency  three decades into their careers.  The band is comprised of three great songwriters who are still at the top of their game with their new release, Here.  Finally, the Nola Nerd Couple caught Beck at the Saenger Theater this week.  He put on a show that had something for both the casual fan and fans of his deep catalogue.

Angel Olsen’s My Woman:


Teenage Fanclub’s Here:


Beck’s latest single Wow:

Concert-ing: Weezer and Panic! at the Disco

I have what I call the trifecta of bands that I was obsessed with as a teenager – 311, Bush, and Weezer. 311 was my happy, positive, everyday music, Bush was my hot front man passion, and Weezer was the soundtrack to my life. Luckily, I have seen 311 around twenty times throughout the years and have been front row, backstage, met them, and received their autographs several times (I still have to write about this past year’s 3/11 Day!). Gavin Rossdale toured New Orleans a few years ago and I was front row, had him grind on me, Kurt held his hand to stabilize him, and met him and got his autograph after. That left Weezer. I saw them once at Voodoo Fest in 2010, although it was not super close. So when I found out they were playing at Champions Square, an outside arena next to the Superdome in New Orleans, I knew Nola Nerd Couple had to be there. And when they announced VIP several weeks later, I made sure I bought that too. Finally, I would have a chance to meet the last of my ultimate favorite bands!


Weezer VIP!!!

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