Fandom-ing: Thirteen and History

Note: We have only watched up to episode 7 of season 11. 

Two of the episodes of the eleventh season of Doctor Who have focused on historical events.  One was quite a big event that involved the person at the epicenter of it.  The other was a big event but looked at how it affected the people history often forgets.

Rosa, about Rosa Parks, did a good job but I wish it could have been better. Having time travelers, especially ones that are not US citizens, look at how segregation was enforced could have given the writers a lot chances to look at the absurdities and horrors of racism.  It came close especially in the scenes with Ryan, but it never truly reached the realm of terrifying. Having Graham being the cause of the protest also was problematic, but luckily they didn’t focus on it as much.

The Demons of the Punjab fared a lot better in that it decided to get really small. The event was about the partition of India, but it was really about four people living in the area. For an hour show, it handled the radicalization of one of the characters really well.  Also, making the characters part of Yasmin’s family gave us a personal window into the world. The aliens were indeed scary until we found out more about them. This hour is everything Doctor Who can and should be.


Fandom-ing: First Thoughts on Doctor Who

This was written before watching Rosa.

I love LOVE, the thirteenth Doctor.


I figured I get that out of the way first.

Our daughter is only 8 months, so she doesn’t understand anything she is seeing, but I find her smiling and laughing when we watch.  And it’s always when the Doctor is onscreen.


We never saw Classic Who, but I don’t really find her like any other Doctor.  There is the accent that echoes the 9th, but that’s about it.  There is a positivity to Jodie Whittaker’s performance that is new and refreshing.  The Doctor finally seems free from the events of the War Doctor.  Of course, she is just remembering who she is and that can change. Also, her Doctor has a confidence that doesn’t fall into arrogance.  She engineers the problem in a way that is new and exciting.



Also, I’m really like the companions.  Mandip Gill brings an empathy to her character that instantly connects her with the viewer and the other people in the episode.  Bradley Walsh’s Graham serves as the audience in the first two episodes. This is a great tool for the show, especially for new viewers.  The 12th doctor didn’t have this type of character until his last season and it really hurt the season. Mr. Walsh’s character is our window into the Doctor’s world.  However, it’s Tosin Cole’s Ryan Sinclair that has quickly become the emotional center of the show.  Losing his grandmother and rejecting Graham as a father figure, gives him a complexity that almost makes him as interesting as the Doctor. Also, his coordination problem makes for an interesting disability in the Doctor’s universe.



Also, the Stenza appear to be a great villain species.  “Tim Shaw” was scary in his space suit, and downright terrifying when we get to see his face with his collection of teeth from his trophy hunts.  The fact that they were the phantom menace behind the planet’s demise in episode two, lets us know that we will continue to see this race.

The only thing I was slightly disappointed on was the interior look of the Tardis, but this happens to me with every Doctor.  I know the Tardis needs to update with each doctor but it would be nice to have one thing be constant. Of course, this is the smallest thing to have an issue with the show.

I really am looking forward to seeing where all three of these characters go.


DoctorWho-ing: We Never Really Knew Who the Twelfth Doctor Was

We love Peter Capaldi.  He is a fantastic actor, and he did a fantastic job as the Twelfth Doctor.  However, we are not fans of number 12.

Again, this is isn’t a criticism of Capaldi at all.  He was great in every scene, always bringing his A game.  He made some bold choices, and they all worked.  It just felt to us that the showrunners didn’t really know where they wanted to take his doctor.

The ninth and tenth doctors had to deal with the war doctor.  Eleven started fresh, effectively rebooting the series, and reminded us why the Doctor needs others.  However, when he left, he also left his current companion.  Clara (not Jenna Coleman, who we also adore) was a massive problem for the twelfth doctor.

Clara’s story was actually over when the eleven regenerates.  Yet, instead of starting fresh, Stephen Moffat decided to make her focus be that she was a companion to a man who wasn’t the eleventh doctor.  He tried to tidy it up in the first episode, but, for us, it left a huge shadow over the first season.  The idea of the twelfth doctor exploring his past and wondering if he was a good “person” was a brilliant premise and made us excited when his trailers come out.   However, it always felt as if he was being held back by having to deal with Clara.  The second season with Clara, the year of the two doctors, was even more disappointing in our books. We never really got to feel as if we knew who the Twelfth Doctor really was. It wasn’t until his second season episode “Heaven Sent” that we felt we got to know to realize what this doctor could be.

This Doctor really came alive for us in his last season (and “The Husbands of River Song”).  The Doctor was freed from the baggage of the past, well as much as he could be, and allowed to explore who he was.  It also helped that he had a new companion in Bill. Bill’s journey in getting to know the Doctor on who he was as number 12 allowed us to do the same.  For the first time, we got to feel what made up 12 instead of trying to figure out how he was different from 11.


That doesn’t mean there were not great episodes during his run.  There were, and the addition of Missy was a godsend for his character.


Now, I’m basing this over one viewing of Capaldi’s Doctor. Maybe, a rewatch will allow us to catch things we miss.

Maybe we will become emotionally invested in his stories like we did with 9, 10, and 11.  The work Capaldi put into it deserves that.


DoctorWho-ing: Getting Excited for the 13th Doctor


We came to Doctor Who really late. We started watching the Doctor toward the end of Matt Smith’s run but before Peter Capaldi was announced. We were in grad school, so we had little time to dedicate ourselves to watching something new, so we were very selective.

In fact, we probably started watching because a lot of kids that have similar tastes to ours in school began to have Doctor Who school bags and lunch kits and telling us we should watch.

We almost quit in the first season on the episode with the farting aliens.  If you are new to the Whoverse or haven’t watched yet keep watching.  It will pay off.  In fact, it was just a few episodes that this show did something to me that Star Trek or any other tv sci-fi show has ever done – it made me cry.  The Doctor Dances does it to me every single time.  That’s when we knew were hooked.

Then, David Tennant made us cry a lot. Matt Smith, who is the only con guest we didn’t enjoy meeting (more on that later), got us all in our feelings.  Those years made us love the show even more. We love Peter Capaldi, but we didn’t find his arcs didn’t have the same emotional attachment until the very end (also more on that later).

We can’t wait for the 13th Doctor.  This is a show that has over 50 years of stories and having Jodie Whittaker at the helm frees up the writers to take the Doctor places, he she has never been before.

So watch this space for more Doctor Who blogs, think pieces, convention experiences, and hot takes!

Episode 45: SDCC Roundup and The Clone Wars Returns!

While we have never been to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), that doesn’t mean we weren’t constantly checking for updates from the SuperBowl of cons. There is always just too much good information for the upcoming year in nerdom to ignore.  So after digesting as much as we could, we sat down to talk about it in our latest podcast!


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