Episode 44: The Nola Nerd Baby, MegaCon Orlando, the MCU, Star Wars Galactic Nights and Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

We have attempted to do a podcast for quite a while, but life kept getting in the way. Having the Nola Nerd Baby brought plenty of complications such as pre-partum depression and preeclampsia. We go into detail about that experience, but how our sweet baby was worth it. We also discuss briefly Black Panther, Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp. The Nola Nerd Baby made her first con appearance at MegaCon Orlando. Having a baby changes how you approach a con and we give the details of how we did it. While in Orlando, we also experienced Star Wars Galatic Nights. Finally, we discuss how Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple captured her Holy Grail of Star Wars experiences with the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Chicago.

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You can read more about pre-partum depression here.
If you want to know how scary pre-eclampsia is, read this. (Warning: this is a tough read.)

Here is our coverage of MegaCon Orlando.

Buy your tickets to Star Wars Celebration here.


ComicCon-ing: News from MegaCon, Mississippi Comic Con, Louisiana Comic Con and Gulf Coast Fan Fest


Megacon:  Again, we had a blast at MegaCon. We are in the process of doing a podcast about the con, but we just returned home from vacation and are looking forward to getting Nola Nerd Baby back on schedule. MegaCon as far as we know hasn’t released any dates for next year’s con, but their sister con, MegaCon Tampa Bay, will be held Septemeber 21-23. We will try to update our comic con previews weekly, and we will feature Tampa Bay as soon as they start announcing guests.



Mississippi Comic Con:  We attended the Mississippi Comic Con last year and had a great time. This con will be on June 23 and 24 at the MS Trade Mart in Jackson Mississippi. The lineup is impressive for a con that is probably the smallest of the ones that we cover.  It will feature Ryan Hurst, Austin St. John, Michael Biehn, Maile Flanagan, Kate Flannery, Todd Habekorn, David Fielding, John Morton, David Ankrum, Dickey Beer, and Jake the Snake Roberts. We have been binging The Office and are looking forward to meeting Kate Flannery.



Louisiana Comic Con: This con will be held on October 6 & 7 at the Cajundome in Lafayette. This con is a little far away, so it’s guest roster is limited. However, it does feature homegrown talent and Eisner-award winner Rob Guillory.



Gulf Coast Fan Fest: This con will be at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center on October 13-14, 2018. This convention is a brand new con, and it already has a great lineup.  Some of the celebrity guests include Seth Gilliam, Sam Jones, Ming Chen, David Naughton, Ray Park, and Jason Mewes.  Mr. Nola Nerd Couple is a massive fan of The Wire so he can’t wait to meet Mr. Gilliam

ComicCon-ing: MegaCon Review

MegaCon 2018 was a memorable con for the Nola Nerd Couple. We have attended many cons over the years, but this will be one of the record books, scrapbooks, and baby books.  That’s right! It was the first con for Nola Nerd Baby, and even though she is only three months, she made the most of it.

The Nola Nerd Baby went as Wonder Woman to the con, and she was so cute that even other people with babies would remark how cute she is. I mean how couldn’t they!


MegaCon was held in the West Concourse this year.  It’s an ample space with tons of rooms of different sizes for different panels.  The main floor was well laid out except for one area leading into the autograph section in the middle.  It seemed to bottleneck there quite often.  As far as MegaCon goes, that is the only negative we can think of for the entire weekend, and even that was easily avoidable.

The autograph area was extensive and well spaced out. Every celebrity guest we met was fantastic.  Chris Sarandon talked at length to us about the Nola Nerd Baby.  Catherine Tate did as well, and her agent was so smitten with her he bought her an autograph!

Mr. Nola Nerd had a great time meeting Gary Lockwood and Keir Duella, the stars of 2001. Mr. Duella told us how he didn’t audition for 2001; he just received the call from his agent while making Bunny Lake is Missing.  Mr. Lockwood talked to us about being parents.  Mr. Nola Nerd Couple was over the moon meeting these two legends.

Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple and Mr. Nola Nerd Solo (our Orlando correspondent but originally from the New Orleans area) met Lucy Lawless. While they were waiting she did her signature Xena yell (which Mr. Nola Nerd herd from down the hall).  Mrs. Nola Nerd shared with her how much Xena meant to her and her love of mythology.  Meanwhile, Mr. Nola Nerd Couple and Baby were meeting the lovely Amy Acker and took a photo with her.


At this time, the Nola Nerd Baby had a major blowout.  Of course, the nearest bathroom didn’t have a changing table in the men’s room.  This, of course, is not MegaCon’s fault but this is something that is becoming tiring.

While Mr. Nola Nerd and Baby took a rest, Mrs. Nola Nerd and Nola Nerd Solo met Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel.  The afternoon we also met Christopher Daniel Barnes and Susan Egan.  Wrapping up our celebrity guest signings were Jeff Goldbloom and Jennifer Morrison.

Even though we had a full day of autographs, the lines moved reasonably well, and when they didn’t, it was because the guest was just that nice to their fans. We still found time to squeeze in a panel and Mrs. Nola Nerd took a photo with Mr. Goldbloom.

The panel we attended was John Cena’s.  He was very charming and answered the questions quickly and to the point.  He talked about the origins of his catchphrases and why he is still a face.

We spent the rest of the day roaming around the con.  We also met a few of the comic book artists.  Mr. Nola Nerd Couple was super excited to meet the artist for Black Panther, Brian Stelfreeze.


Mr. Stelfreeze siging Black Panther!

We attended the Elijah Wood panel and came away inspired. He took about ten minutes to answer each question and spoke with such passion about his craft that it was inspiring.


Elijah Wood panel

We also bought quite a few art pieces.  We purchased a set of postcards with positive messages about being a girl in today’s world that will go on Nola Nerd Baby’s wall of female empowerment. We bought a very cool Ariel beadwork and fantastic print of the three hitchhiking ghosts from Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

We spent most of the rest of our time just enjoying the con.

One of the things we love about MegaCon is our friends and family in Orlando.  As previously stated, Nola Nerd Solo (who attened Pensacon in our place while we were welcoming Nola Nerd Baby into the world) was there and joined us for some autograph collecting.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s sister (Geekella) and brother-in-law live there as well so we get to spend some quality time with them at the con.  They went with a friend (below as Daneyres)  all of whom did a fantastic job doing cosplay for the con.

Through it all, the Nola Nerd Baby was the star of the show.  The celebrities, artists, and volunteers couldn’t get enough of her.  She worked the crowd and even though she had to do a significant costume change, she still wowed everyone she met.

We can’t wait to come back for MegaCon 19 with her!

ComicCon-ing: MegaCon Starts Today

At 4 pm today, MegaCon Orlando will be opening its doors.  They have a star-studded lineup. Besides, their comic creator list is outstanding. Every year, we have attended, they have had some of the best, and most reasonable vendors around.

This year the con is in the West Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center.  It his a vast complex that has lots of great panel rooms and theaters for the larger guests.

MegaCon also got lucky in that in the number of guests canceling was extremely low.  Now, this is never a cons fault; actors have to pay the rent. However, it is terrible for a con when a slew of guests cancel. As of the time of this writing, MegaCon Orlando only has had two celebrity guests cancel: Renee O’Connor and Karl Urban.

MegaCon always has some great con exclusive merchandise.  There are comic books that you can get signed by comic creators. They have some great t-shirts and Funko Pop that you can only buy at MegaCon.

If after four days of con fun, you still crave more excitement, head to Hollywood Studios at Disney World for Galactic Nights on Sunday, May 27. You can attend a panel discussion about the new Star Wars land they are building.  The rides will still be operating, and you will be able to meet Star Wars Characters.

We will be at both events so if you see us say hi!


ComicCon-ing: Mr. Nola Nerd Couple’s Top 5 Panels at MegaCon

Panels are always a highlight of going to a con for me. Since cons have basically opened up panels to be about anything, there is basically something for everyone.  We can’t get to Orlando until Saturday, so here are the top five panels I will make every effort to attend on those two days.

Saturday Panels:


Wallace Shawn has such a varied career as an actor and a playwright that this should be an entertaining and informative panel. I’m hoping for a few My Dinner with Andre questions.


While Jeff Goldbloom is a celebrated actor, let’s face it, his most famous role his playing himself.  He is just an entertaining individual, and this should make for great entertainment.


Donna is one of my favorite companions on Doctor Who because she forced the Doctor to understand who he was.  Plus, Catherine Tate is a comedian by trade so she can probably take any question and make it hilarious.

Sunday Panels: 


As teachers, this panel screams for us to attend.  I have used some comics in my computer science class, but am interested in seeing how others use them.


Writers from both DC and Marvel will be presenting their process for creating comics.  This is an excellent panel for anyone wanting to break into the business or get a behind the scenes look at how comics are made.

Of course, there are some great panels when we won’t be there.  Thursday evening has the 2001 50th anniversary panel. Image Comics is having a panel about creator owned projects Friday morning. At noon, my favorite comic creator, Tom King, will be having a panel focusing on his career. Friday afternoon there will be a panel conversation with Dan Didio, co-publisher at DC comics.

Of course, MegaCon has tons of entertainment scheduled for you throughout it’s entire run.  Plan your days by visiting their schedule here.

ComicCon-ing: MegaCon Continues to Focus on Comic Creators

MegaCon has excellent celebrity guests year in and year out.  This year is no exception, and we are trying to figure out how to pay for it all.

However, MegaCon, which is under the Fan Expo umbrella of Infroma Exhibitions,  doesn’t forget the comic part of their convention. To comic book collectors, this year’s guests is as star-studded as the celebrity guests.  In fact, we might spend more time in the comic creators’ area.

DSC_0038 copy

Comic Book Creator Area at MegaCon 2017

Some of the people that will be appearing:

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ComicCon-ing: 2001 at MegaCon

Few times do I get to the “spare no expense” level with a con guest for myself.  Of course, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple seems to find her self in that situation a little more often. For me, it was meeting Sarah Michelle Gellar and John Hurt.

Now, MegaCon has Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea.


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