ComicCon-Ing: We Are Expanding Our Coverage of Comic Cons

We have been focusing on Comic Cons that we are definitely going to. However, we decided to start writing about cons in general with a focus on ones that are a days drive from New Orleans.  In other words, the ones we would attend if money were not an issue!

Currently, we cover Wizard World New Orleans, Pensacon and Star Wars Celebration. Here are some cons that we will start covering:

FanExpo Dallas – Dallas, Texas – March 31-April fed17-headerThis con will be held at the Dallas Convention Center.  This is a well organized con that we have had lots of fun attending in the past. Guests this year include Adam West, Burt Ward, Stan Lee, Tim Curry, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder.

Comicpalooza – Houston, Texas – May 14-17


This is a huge con held in the fourth largest city in the United States.  There are no guests listed as of right now, but we will check daily to see when people are being added.

MegaCon Orlando- Orlando, Florida – May 25-28megacon17-header-1We are definitely thinking about attending this convention as part of our anniversary trip.  Schedule to appear are Paul Wesley, Stan Lee, and Tim Curry.

Mississippi Comic Con – Jackson, Mississippi – June 24 & 25mscc17-fb-logo3This con, held at the MS Trade Mart, is a smaller con that is extremely afforadable especially for families.  Weekend passes are $30 and children 2-8 pay only $5.  Right now guests include Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett from the original trilogy) and Deep Roy (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Fanboy Expo – Knoxville Tennessee – June 23-25


FanBoy Expo is growing each year. This year guests include Peter Weller, a CHIPSs reunion, a GI JOE voice actor reunion, Am Jo Johnson, and Jason David Frank.

Florida Supercon – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 27-30site-header-florida-superconWhile we still have a lot of time before this con, there are a few guests who have committed to appearing at Supercon.  These include Michael Cudlitz, John Barrowman, Ric Flair, Jason David Frank, and Joel Hodgson.

Dragoncon – Atlanta, Georgia – Sept 1-4

xsbrw1nrDragoncon usually gets great celebrity guests, but also features fantastic writers from science-fiction and fantasy. This con is held annually during labor day weekend.

MegaCon Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay – September 29 – Oct 1MEGACONTB17-header.pngWhile this con is too far away to have any guests booked for 2017, feed back from last years con was that it was a huge success.  The 2016 con had a great lineup featuring David Tennant, Matthew Lewis, and Brett Dalton.

Dallas Fan Days – Dallas, Texas – Oct 20-22DFD17-Header.pngAgain this con is too far away, but this is usually a smaller con with fewer guests.  That doesn’t mean they don’t get great guests! This event is held at the Irving Convention Center.

We will be writing updates weekly on these cons.  Also, make sure you check our twitter to see more news about cons!


ComicCon-ing: How to have a successful con

We have attended Comic Cons all over the place. We have been to Star Wars Celebration in both California and Florida. We have even attended the London Film and Comic Con. We love New Orleans Comic Con by Wizard World and look forward to Pensacon every year. Dallas and Houston have great cons. One of the best cons we ever attended was in Galveston. We haven’t been to San Diego…yet.   However, we have learned from each con on how to make the most of them.

Comic Cons can be stressful for an introvert. I have social anxiety. Large crowds in a small space stress me out. I don’t like it when people bump into me. Most people that attend Comic Cons, though, are introverts themselves. Remembering this reduces stress of a con. This is a safe place for nerds and geeks and it allows us to assert our extroverted side. We often run into former students at Comic Cons. Often, they were the quietest students in our class, but when they are cosplaying at con, they are stopping every five seconds to take pictures with strangers. Cosplaying allows people to step out of themselves and be someone else for a day.

Another source of stress of attending a Comic Con is trying to do everything. You can’t. There are too many things limiting you, mainly time and money. To have a successful con, figure out what is a priority. If you love collecting autographs, you may have to miss a panel. To help with this, study the website of the con. Figure out what people are going to be there on specific days. For example, at the upcoming Pensacon, Natalia Tena (Tonks from Harry Potter) is appearing Sunday only. If we didn’t read the website, or follow on twitter, and we only planned on going on Saturday, we would have been disappointed.

Making a schedule can also lead to successful con. You can’t be in two places at once. You have to figure out what your priority is, and schedule everything else around that. For last year’s Star Wars Celebration, our priority was getting autographs. Our schedule was based around that. By not scheduling a panel in front of an autograph, we met everyone we wanted to meet. Remember you have limited time at a panel, so planning helps.

Finally, budgeting is important. Besides paying for autographs and photo-ops, there is many other things on which to spend your money. I always describe Comic-Cons as “jewelry shows for nerds.” Planning helps. If you really want to get autographs, budget the amount of money you want to spend. Most cons list the prices of autographs and photo-ops on their website. Of course, you are going to make impulse purchases, just make sure you spend your cash on what you planned on spending it on as well. In fact, bring cash. While Square is appearing more often at Cons, cash is often the quickest way to do some transactions, and in some cases, the only way.

The most important advice we can give for a successful con is to have fun. Make small talk with the celebrities, ask the artists questions, attend panels. Most of us attend cons to remind ourselves of that little person inside of ourselves. Let that person out.