Listening: Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque

Hey, we did a vlog on our vinyl of the week, Teenage Fanclub’s Bandwagonesque!


Collecting: Record Raid in New Orleans

Record Raid New Orleans is New Orleans biggest and best record show!  If you are an experienced record collector or you just bought your first turntable, this event is for you.

Record Raid will be held on January 21 from 11-5 at People’s Health New Orleans Jazz Market (1436 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd). There will be 40 tables of records being sold by 26 vendors. If you want to ensure you get the good stuff, you can pay $5 for early entry at 10 am.  At 11am, entry is free!

While the main reason for going is records, there will be a DJ spinning the entire time. You can come just check out some records, listen to some great music, and make new friends.

If you are planning on buying make sure you bring cash.  Some vendors use square, but not all. Also, you might want to bring your own bag as records can get quite heavy.  We always say we aren’t going to spend much money, and we always end up bring home a much larger haul than planned.

Unboxing: Sufjan Stevens and The Replacements

It’s another video where I ramble on about some of my favorite albums.  And yes, I already own these albums on vinyl.  I’m a collector not a horder!

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Vinyl Collecting: Imperial Bedroom by Elvis Costello

Imperial Bedroom by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Imperial Bedroom by Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Back on during U2’s Pop tour, I headed to the Superdome to see the show. The most exciting thing about that show is that I remember I bought an Elvis Costello’s greatest hits cd from Tower Records. U2 seemed tired, but Elvis in the car sounded young and full of life. I think I purchased his entire catalog in the next year.

While there was a period where Elvis could do no wrong, Imperial Bedroom is Costello at the height of his powers. I listened to the CD constantly. Years later, on Record Store Day, I found a used copy at Peaches for $7 which makes this the best deal I ever got there.

There is nothing special about this particular physical record.   It’s a standard release not the hi-fi one. The lyrics are on the sleeve. After a good wash, it sounded great like most records do after a good clean. However, the medium isn’t the message with this one.

It was produced by Geoff Emerick who was a an engineer on Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Abbey Road. Of course, he worked with other artists, but when you are partially responsible for the sound of Beatles albums people are going to know you about that. He’s perfect for this album because Costello seems to be trying to break free from his early near perfect sound that he made with Nick Lowe. He’s ideas need fuller arrangements.

At the time I was impressed with how many words Costello could get into a song. The Replacements, my all time favorite band, always got to the point and when they were poetic they still employed an economy of words. Robert Smith of the Cure could write tons of lyrics but those songs seemed to be above five minutes. Costello seemed to figure it out without sacrificing the length of a pop song. The lyric that caught my attention was “so called gentlemen and ladies dog fight like rose and thistle” on Beyond Belief. At first I thought he was just explaining a fight he had with a lover or a fight he saw between lovers. Then my history degree kicked and I wondered if he was talking about the War of the Roses. Then I stopped trying to analyze and just enjoyed the sound of the words.

Listening to it today, it amazes me how much music is actually on this album. Each song neither seems long or short, but after about the fourth song on side 1, I kept thinking it was time to switch the side. That might say more about other artists, or I might say that Costello was full of ideas, great ideas, and needed to get them all out.

Vinyl Collecting: Rediscovering Kurt’s Youth

Records of my youth

Records of my youth

Recently, my parents took their record collection out of the closet they stored it in and gave it to me.  There were not many records of value, but the collection is priceless.

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Vinyl Collecting: Bay Sound in Daphne, Alabama

Bay Sound Record Shop

Bay Sound Record Shop

Cristina and I like to travel, hence the name of this site.  Since most of Cristina’s family lives outside of Louisiana, we often travel to see them.  For the holidays, we went to Panama City Beach to visit her family that lives there.

On the way home, we decided to do a search for record stores along the way.  We limited our choices to two:  Central Square Records in 30A section of Florida (more about that store later) and Bay Sound in Daphne, Alabama. Continue reading

Vinyl Collecting: Record Store Day 2014

Record Store Day 2014 did not start out very well. Spring colds wrecked our sleeping schedule. We woke up after most of the stores opened, which is an ominous sign if you want rare releases. In addition, we had a five hour trip ahead of us to Panama City, which limited the amount of time (and stores) we had planned to visit.

Of course, record store day 2014 was a success.

We were able to hit three stores rather quickly. Skully’z Recordz is a tiny (and I mean tiny) but great record store on the quieter side of Bourbon Street in the Quarter. They sold out the records I wanted quickly, with the notable exception of the Gram Parsons album. I quickly picked it up and then just started looking through their impressive collection. Cristina then asks about the RSD 311 releases. She hadn’t said a word about wanting to buy anything on RSD. I thought she was just being supportive of my vinyl collecting. Yet, being a collector of many different things, she could not pass upon buying these releases of one of her favorite bands. The happiness on her face when they had both of them was priceless. Having someone who shares your weird quirks is the key to happiness in this life my friends.


Cristina with her limited edition 311 RSD releases

Cristina with her limited edition 311 RSD releases

I also picked up a very good pressing of Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads and The Cure’s first album from Skully’z. Additionally, we picked up a Nick Cave RPM vinyl figure, because who can pass up a little doll of Nick Cave? He did sing our wedding song after all! (It’s Into My Arms, in case you’re wondering.) When then took a walk over to Peaches Records on Decatur. I picked up the new reissue of It Takes a Nation of Millions while Cristina bought a copy of White Blood Cells by the White Stripes. I appreciated that they gave away a free PBR with every purchase but the five-hour trip to Panama City did not think it was a very good idea.

We were now officially behind schedule. There were two releases I still wanted: The Cure/Dinosaur Jr. Side by Side of “Just Like Heaven” and the limited reissue of Odyssey and Oracle by the Zombies.   Cristina suggested we go to Euclid Records, which is our favorite record store. In addition, it was technically on the way. Euclid just moved locations in the Bywater so RSD was also their official grand opening. They had been posting pictures of the lines and crowds. There was no line when we got there but the store was packed. Live music was playing and people were crate digging. I was able to find the Zombies record but not the Cure/Dinosaur Jr release. Considering that I think the Odyssey and Oracle is the best album from the sixties not named Revolver or Pet Sounds, I was more than happy with my haul. Cristina again picked up a record. This time it was Phantom of the Opera with Crawford and Brighton and it was in very good condition.

We then took the drive to Panama City to have a Saturday Easter dinner with her mom, stepdad, and grandparents. We even found a well-priced copy of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue 180g reissue at Books a Million in Panama City. RSD2014 was definitely a success.

My RSD 2014 haul

My RSD 2014 haul

However, RSD only comes once a year.  If people only supported their local music shops (or any business) just once a year, none of those businesses would survive. Luckily, buying new vinyl can be a cheap hobby. Of course, some of those new releases cost a good bit of money, but used vinyl can come cheap. All the good music stores in New Orleans sell used vinyl. We did not make it Captain’s Vinyl, the Louisiana Music Factory, the Mushroom, or Juan Le Ger Record Shop. But we will and soon.

New Orleans is a great place for live and recorded music.