Comic Con-ing: Pensacon 2018

If you have read our recent previous posts, you know that we had our first child on the Thursday before Pensacon; needless to say, we could not personally attend! Thankfully, we have a wonderful friend who went in our stead. Here is his great recap below:

Hello Nola Nerd Couple readers!  I had the honor of filling in for the Nola Nerd Couple this year at Pensacon 2018 due to a new arrival, Nola Nerd Baby. So once I heard I would be heading to Pensacon, I immediately downloaded the Pensacon 2018 app on my phone to see all the things I was in store for.  I arrived early to beat the Friday crowd to get a feel for this year’s layout and I was impressed how well the limited space was utilized.  As Pensacon regulars know, the Pensacola Bay Center has a very unique floor plan, which I’m sure leads to many challenges for the Pensacon staff, but they successfully pulled off another great year.

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Blogging: Prolonged Abscence

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately.  Well, actually, no.  We are not sorry. We have been doing absolutely nothing this summer, and it’s been glorious. No week-long educational conferences, no exotic vacations.  Our only trips this summer was to see family.

At first, I thought it was weird that I wasn’t producing content when I had the most time to create it.  Then I realized that without a set schedule, it’s tough to find any reason to sit behind my computer.  Same with the podcasts.  We maybe home on a Monday or Tuesday evening or we may decide to go out into the real world. It makes it hard to schedule the time to do so when we have no schedule.

We aren’t done with this blog, but we definitely needed a break. Our fall workloads are about to get heavier in that I’ll be coaching freshmen football at our school which will cut considerably into my blogging time.  Instead of daily blogs, I’m shooting more for one or two a week.  Then again, once I have a routine established, I may find myself writing more blogs as a way to take a break during the day.

However, there are plenty of places to go to get your Nola Nerd Couple approved nerd and geek news.  Here are a few that we highly recommend:

  • The Longbox Guys: Best damn comics podcast period.
  • Nerdy Curiosities:  One of the best nerd sites on the web.  Follow them on social media as well.
  • NOLAnerdcast:  While these guys cover the whole gambit of nerdy news, I find they cover games and gaming better than anyone out there.

Sooner or later, we will be back.

Blogging: Check Our Social Media Sites is just one avenue that we strive to bring you news of the nerd world. However, if you aren’t following us on social media, you are missing out on some good nerd stuff. We will be writing blogs infrequently for the next three weeks, but that doesn’t mean we are going to be on total vacation. Our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages will all be very active during those weeks. Twitter is especially important to follow if you are interested in following our MegaCon convention coverage. Also, we plan on spending a day at St. Augustine, Florida so our Instagram will feature some of our pictures from that excursion. On Facebook, we mainly share nerdy news from around the world.

It’s the end of school, and we are both tired and need a little break from…well, everything. We love doing this blog, but it takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication.  Some are simple, like this one that I started at 5:45 am and finished at 6:15 am.  However, the podcast and the picture-heavy blogs take a lot of work (and I minimally edit both). We are going out of town and have a few other responsibilities that will take up our early summer. We aren’t teaching but we have teacher duties for the first couple of weeks for June.

So, with the notable exception of MegaCon blogs, we will be back in mid to late June. But, thanks to social media, we will still be making our presence known. So give us a follow at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get the full story of our adventures!

Blogging: Writing Personal Blogs

This blog has grown over time.  We started out as Cook.Travel.Eat. We talked about those three things but we realized we wanted to expand our focus.  This has led to blogs about comic cons, comics, and Star Wars. We do a lot of news articles now and it has opened doors for us that we would never have dreamed of.  It has put in touch with amazing people and has even allowed us to do interviews with people we admire. Our website has grown from a personal blog to one where write with a certain demographic in mind.

However, we are going to keep the personal side alive and well.  If you read daily, you notice that Friday blogs have been more about getting healthy.  I do want to keep those blogs going.  I also want to write more blogs about cooking, traveling, and eating. We still have tons of places to talk about and pictures to share.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want the story of us to go away.  While we are concentrating on the new stuff, I want Friday’s to about who the Nola Nerd Couple actually are.  The stuff we like doing, the places we like going to, and the people we meet on the way. Pretty much anything is on the table for our Friday blogs.

In truth, these are the harder posts to write.  The news stories and book and music reviews are easy for us. It’s taking information and explaining it to others.  Personal stories are much harder to make interesting. The best personal stories are those that take intimate details and make them have universal meanings. If personal blogs don’t do that, then they are just a catalog of the day or event. In other words, I’m actually scared to write these…at least to level that I want them.

I do want to thank all of you that read this blog, sporadically or faithfully.  We average a good number of views a day, and we really are grateful for those that stick around and read all of our posts.  We know it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.  Nothing makes me happier than when someone tells me they read the blog even though they don’t know what we are talking about half the time. That means they may have not connected with the subject matter, but they have connected with us.

That right makes this worth it.

Now, I have to figure out what to write for next Friday.



Blogging: Learning Photography

As we try to grow Nola Nerd Couple, we realized that we needed to improve our photography.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple has a great eye for the type of shots that we want to feature on our blog, but often we have been regulated to our iPhones and six-year-old Sony point and shoot. While that Sony has served us well, we decided it’s time to buy a DSLR.

We choose a Nikon D5300 after reading tons of reviews of the best cameras for the price on Black Friday. This one came with an 18-55mm lens and a 70-300mm lens. It also can shoot video and has a microphone port.  This will allow us to do a better job with our unboxing videos.

However, buying a camera doesn’t make one a photographer.  Being a photographer takes years of study and being a great one often takes a lifetime. I see far too many people get a nice camera and set-up shop.  While we would like to start doing cosplay portraits, we know that is a long time away.  First, we need to understand how to work this particular camera.  We need to know how to set shutter speed and aperture correctly. We need to learn to work with different lighting.  Then after all that, we need to work on composing better shots.

Right now we are reading websites about cameras, blogs from photographers (you should follow this one), and watching lots of  We have taken our camera out for some test drives. We experimented with manual settings. That’s when I realized how steep the learning curve is.  I took a few photos that I thought were composed well, but I didn’t have it on the right settings so they came out poorly.  However, experience is always the best teacher.

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Blogging: Sometimes Not Keeping Your Resolution is Worth It

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will notice that I, Mr. Nola Nerd Couple, write the majority of the blogs.  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple wanted to write more and even made a resolution about it:

My third resolution deals with this blog. I love the idea of growing our name, Nola Nerd Couple, into something bigger, but that only comes by actively producing content. My resolution is to produce a blog post and have it set to publish every Tuesday at 9am…

Well, she didn’t keep her promise.

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Blogging: Being Thankful for Our Nerd Life

We started Nola Nerd Couple as a way to tell our travel stories.  In fact, we used to be called  But then we realized we wanted to do more nerdy things, and in turn, write about them.  While unexpected events kept us from writing more blogs (lesson planning comes first), we do still try to go on our nerdy adventures.  This may mean a trip to Philadelphia to meet Tom Hiddleston or one to the Kenner boat launch to catch Pokemon.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank anyone who reads our reviews, our travel tales, our comic con chronicles.  We know the internet is full of blogs similar to ours, and it means the world to us if you took the time to read one blog or all of them.  We appreciate it truly and nothing makes us happier than talking to someone who says they read the blog or whenever we get a comment or like from a stranger.  It makes us want to do our best to keep this blog going.

In other words, we are not only thankful for being able to live the life we do lead, but even more thankful for having you in it.

Happy Thanksgiving from Nola Nerd Couple!