About Us

Who are we and why should you care?

We are basically two teachers who teach at the same school, fell in love, and got married.  We have many of the same interests.  We love almost all things geeky, from travelling, to eating and cooking, to music, movies, comic cons, books, and so much more.  A lot of our friends ask us about our adventures so we decided to make a website about them.  This is good for both of friends who are interested as they can bookmark this site  and for our friends who could care less in that they don’t have to bookmark this site.

Hopefully, if you are reading this, you are in the group that is interested in our adventures.  If you are new to this site and want to learn more about us as individuals, click on the pictures below.

Kurt in Brussels

Kurt in Brussels

Cristina in Amsterdam

Cristina in Amsterdam


9 thoughts on “About Us

    • I recently was diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism, a form of rheumatoid arthritis. While there is no conclusive evidence that gluten free diets have an affect on people like me, some report of having less flares on the diet. While im always a skeptic, i was looking for ways to make my life have less gluten to see if it would have an impact.


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