ComicCon-ing: Friday Recap and Saturday Preview of Wizard World New Orleans

Friday is always a great day at Wizard World New Orleans.  It is well attended but at the same time, it is the easiest day to browse.  And browse we did.  We already have our eye on some artwork!

We did get to meet Patricia Summersett, the voice of Zelda.  This was a huge deal for Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple. Her first game was The Legend of Zelda.  She has been obsessed ever since.  I can’t even count the number of Zelda items we own.  Ms. Summersett was charming and even signed her name in the characters language and left us a surprise message on the back of the photograph.

The Nola Nerd Baby just chilled and enjoyed the show from her stroller. She actually clapped when Ms. Summersett signed her photograph, which was random and funny.  She did get quite a few compliments on her Supergirl outfit.

Today, we plan on going to a few panels including Mads Mikkelsen’s one at 5 pm.  We may even meet him today or tomorrow to get a Rogue One poster signed. We also might meet Ms. Summersett again to sign an item we already own.  We also plan on complimenting all the great cosplay we will see.

We also recommend stopping by the 501st booth.  The 501st is made up Star Wars fans who take Star Wars costuming seriously, and even though they dress as dark side characters, they take charity work even more seriously.  Go take a picture with a Tie Fighter pilot and learn more about their great organization. One of our correspondents, Bill Plasse, will be at the 501st booth today.

A former student of ours is also a featured Wizard World cosplayer.  She has her own table and her cosplay work is outstanding.  Her cosplay name is INeedSuger.  If you are a cosplayer or interested in cosplay, go tell her hello!

See you at the con!


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