Fandoming: Let People Have Their Fandoms

Social media is a strange, fascinating place. It allows for access to people which we would never have.  This isn’t just actors, musicians, authors, and directors.  It allows us to make friends with people we wouldn’t normally meet.

This should be a good thing, and for the most part, it is.  Most people let others enjoy what they enjoy.  Some enter in healthy debate. This is fantastic.  I’ve learned more about Star Wars, Tolkien, Buffy, etc, from reading message boards, twitter, and facebook than I would have if I majored in them.

However, we all have our reasons for our fandoms. For example, I love Buffy because I identified with Giles, not the Scooby Gang or Angel.  I’m certain that the people like me are much smaller than the other groups that like Buffy.

Everyone has their reasons for their fandom.  It might not make sense to us, but as long as it doesn’t hurt people, let them have it.  If people want to ship Rey and Kylo, then let them.  If people like She-Ra for feminist reasons, then let them.

If it doesn’t affect you and if it doesn’t hurt you, then let it be.



Parenting: Look Who is Nine Months!

Nine months on the inside and nine months on the outside.


Our little blessing turned nine months on Thanksgiving day. We can’t make time stop, no matter how hard we try.

I wish I could write how much meaning our girl brought into our lives. We weren’t lost; in fact, we were living our best lives. Yet, our lives took a new path when we found out she was coming. She has enriched it every way imaginable. She has been the one constant in our lives.

She loves life. Everything is interesting to her. She loves all her toys. She loves going to daycare. She enjoys strolling in the park. She loves being around people.

This was the best Thanksgiving yet, but we can’t wait for our future ones!

StarWars-ing: Star Wars Celebration Announces Author Guests

While the celebrity guests garner most of the attention at Star Wars Celebration, they are not the only guests worth meeting. We had an amazing time meeting authors and artists of the saga just as much as we did the stars. 

This week Celebration announced some of its authors that will be in Chicago in April:

Alexander Freed: Mr. Freed is writing the upcoming Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron. He also wrote Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company and the novelization of Rogue One. He has also worked on story development on games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic.  He also worked on some Dark Horse era Star Wars Comics and has contributed a short story to the Star Wars collection A Certain Point of View. 

Cavan Scott: Mr. Scott wrote Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space. Mr. Scott is a prolific writer who has done works in lots of different fandoms such as Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, and Warhammer. His Star Wars works focuses on younger readers. Which means, it’s on my reading list. I’m still young!

Claudia Gray:  New Orlean’s own Claudia Gray has a new Star Wars book coming out called Master & Apprentice. She has also written Leia, Bloodline, and the galactically beloved Lost Stars. 

Delilah Dawson: Ms. Dawson wrote the very popular Phasma. She has also contributed short stories to the Star Wars galaxy. We got to meet her last Celebration, and we look forward to getting Phasma signed!

Jeffrey Brown:  Mr. Brown is the author of Darth Vader and Family Coloring Book. This is one I definitely want to get for the baby while we are there. He has done quite a few children’s books. In California, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple’s brother in law got Vader’s Little Princess signed by Carrie Fisher. 

Katie Cook:  Ms. Cook is the author of Search Your Feelings and other children’s books. We have a few of hers, and hopefully, we can have her sign the Nola Nerd Baby’s books!

Timothy Zahn:  Mr. Zahn is a legendary Star Wars author.  His Heir to the Empire trilogy, while no longer canon, is still beloved by Star Wars fans. His newer books on his character Thrawn are wildly popular.  He is also a pleasure to meet, and if you can attend any and all panels, he is on. 

Fandoming: Slowing Down

We used to consume lots of content. We would watch the Arrowverse, Agents of Shield, Riverdale, and Once Upon a Time. Every week.

Not anymore. Belonging to fandoms has slowed down for us.

We slowed down mainly because of the pregnancy. Now, we prefer spending time with the baby. This makes writing a nerd blog slightly harder. Let’s face it, we have to consume content and have experiences to be able to produce content. It’s a cycle.

We will eventually catch up. Sooner or later, we will be able to not interject “no spoilers” in conversations with people who have similar interests.

Worse, Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple is still having some issues and still has more tests to run. This makes providing content even harder, especially when it comes to doing podcasts.

However, slowing down doesn’t mean stopping anymore. It means we will have to get more inventive with keeping alive. If you haven’t followed us on social media, please do so. If you are a loyal reader and love to write but don’t want to have a full-time blog, write for us. When you think about it, everything has a fandom, and everything has its nerds.

Stick with us, we will bounce back.

We always do.

Parenting: Sick Baby Girl

About two weeks ago, the Nola Nerd Baby developed a cough. The weather had changed, and it was the beginning of cough and cold season in this area. She started with the cough on a Saturday and instantly needed more sleep than usual. We did the saline solution and the nosefrida.

By Wednesday, she didn’t want to eat solid foods nor take her bottle. I was actually worried for strep since it seemed to pain her to eat. Mommy stayed home with her and took her to the doctor. The doctor said her throat, ears, and chest were clear. She decided to run the test for RSV even though all signs pointed to her not having it. The test came back positive.  

Such a trooper…I mean Vader!!!

We caught it really early and kept her home for the rest of the week. Luckily, she never had a fever and never really lost her happiness. They prescribed breathing treatments and the first time we gave her one she was dancing and smiling. She allowed us to put the breathing mask on and often just sat there watching TV or took a nap during the treatment. 

We were lucky it didn’t develop into anything worse. This little girl is tough. She was slowed down, but she was never out.  She never really had a change in her personality.  She just ate less and slept more.  Selfishly, I didn’t mind staying home with her for two days. Neither did granny on the third day.

Being older first-time parents, we have benefited from so many friends and relatives having children.  We cherish their advice, but we have subconsciously been paying attention to how other parents handle these type of events in the hope that one day our miracle would come. We are also fortunate that our daycare is perfect for us. They watch our child during the day but help raise us as parents when we drop-off and pick up our angel every day.

Our nearest family lives an hour away. It makes it hard sometimes, but we know it’s even worse for some of our friends and family. We do appreciate all the help we get and are incredibly thankful for it!

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Star Wars-ing: Star Wars News Roundup

Variety reported on Tuesday that Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Norcos) is in the running for a role (maybe the lead) in The Mandalorian. Variety didn’t really say more than that and this could just be gossip.  In the same article they state that Dave Filoni will direct the first episode, which we think is a great choice. 

Disney announced a new series based on Diego Luna’s character, Cassian Andor, that will be featured on the new Disney streaming service which is being called Disney+. The press release uses the phrase “rousing spy thriller.”  Does this mean Disney will make this episode a little darker? The first time we see Andor in Rogue One, he drops a body (sorry, just saw a meme from The Wire before writing this). I am hoping for smaller arcs that don’t necessarily follow time order. Small movies, if you will.

On, you can take a quiz so you can make a Star Wars themed dish for Thanksgiving.  It’s weird doing it in quiz form instead of putting all the recipes on one page. Even though I’ve done it twice, and both time, I have said I prefer savory, it has suggested I make pumpkin spice Ewok cookies. If I do make them, I’ll blog about it. 

The Star Wars podcast I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Skytalkers: A Star Wars Podcast. The hosts, Charlotte Errity and Caitlin Plesher, bring a literate, thematic approach to the saga. The episode Monsters in Star Wars was one of the best single podcasts I’ve ever listened to and did a good job of comparing the monsters in the galaxy to other works.  It’s also just a fun podcast. I highly recommend this one!

Fandom-ing: Goodbye Stan Lee

Both my wife and I got into comic books late. Local comic shops didn’t exist where I grew up. However, for as long as I can remember I knew who Stan Lee was. His creations, well co-creations, are part of the consciousnesses of our country.  Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, and a large number of Marvel characters came from him and his cohorts at Marvel.

If you notice, I keep using the term co-creators. Lee’s myth has grown over the years and people (and sometimes Mr. Lee himself) forget that he created a lot of these characters with other people. By doing so we are not taking away from his legacy.  He was at the epicenter of the Marvel universe.

He was the Creator Supreme.


Sorry for the poor picture quality, we were far away and this was with my phone. 

We were fortunate to meet him quite a few times. He was always joyful to be around, even if you could see the decline from year to year. He was at the comic con we attended in London in 2014 and he had to be housed in his own building just to accommodate all the people. The best interaction we had with him was at Comicpalooza in Houston.  We didn’t plan on meeting him but it was the end of the day and the line was short. We were elated that he was still taking people. Even though it was the end of the day he was energetic and made small talk with us. We also got a picture with him and the Nola Nerd Baby…sorta. He attended last year’s Wizard World New Orleans, and a very pregnant Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple and I took a picture with him.


A picture of our picture with Mr. Lee

I really can’t wait to do bedtime reading of comics with our little one. There are so many comics stories I haven’t read and so it will be great to share them with her. And we will have Mr. Lee and his co-creators to thank for a large number of them.