Parenting: We Didn’t Put Baby on a Schedule, But Here We Are

From the very beginning, we choose to be on demand parents.  We fed her when she was hungry and put her to bed when she was tired. We never tried to do a schedule, but she found one anyway.

She developed her own schedule.  She wakes up, plays for about a half hour and then wants a bottle.  Then she’s pretty much every four hours after that.

We tried to put her to bed early, around 7:30.  She didn’t want that She wanted to go to bed around 6 and then she would sleep for 12 hours.

People ask us how we did it. We didn’t do anything.  We just listened to her and what she wanted. We aren’t smart enough to have an actual secret.  I bet when you ask most parents most of them will say they learned how to be a parent from listening to what their child needed.

And if she wants to change again, we will listen to her. At least while she is a baby.


Star Wars-ing: Han Solo Comic

The biggest problem with the EU and Disney’s now canon universes was writing for main characters especially if it was in the middle of episodes. Writing for Luke, Han, and Leia can be tricky because we know they aren’t in real danger.  We know they will live to fight another day.


Yet, the entire time I read Han Solo, I was on the edge of my seat.

The plot is that Han needs to pick up three spies one of which has been murdering other rebel spies. The setting is a race which the Empire knows about but isn’t enamored with.  Han, being Han, knows his mission but will commit to the cover just as much.

While I never worried about Han or Chewie, I quickly worried about the spies and the other racers.  Writer Marjorie Lui creates a quick action-packed script that is perfectly brought to life by the pencils of Mark Brooks and the coloring of Sonia Oback I’m not actually a fan of comics with lots of action but this one was a lot better than most. The race scenes were fantastic and full of kinetic energy. And we get to see the maturation of Solo which is always nice to see.


With the baby coming into our lives we are really behind on our comic reading, especially with Star Wars comics. Yet, everyone I’ve read so far has been a knockout.   Marvel deserves kudos for handling these properties so well.


Parenting: Hey Bear!

Ok, we will probably get some flack for this, but we don’t care. We including the baby, love Hey Bear! videos.

I know people will say you shouldn’t have her have screen time for development reasons. She won’t be able to tell 2D images from 3D images apart was one thing I read. They followed it up by saying show her picture books…in which the images are 2D. And of course, we read to her daily. In fact, baby girl has no more room for books in her room…and she has three bookshelves!

My mom plopped me in front of Sesame Street back in the early 70s three times a day.  I turned out fine…I think.

The thing is that  Nola Nerd Baby doesn’t really watch it when its on.  She still plays with her toys and looks and talks to us.  It’s a comfort to her and it is now something familiar to her. When she does watch it, she ususally falls alseep. If she is throwing a tantrum, it helps settle her.  Now for the last one we use that has a last resort, but it has worked.

It, however,  let us learn some things about her.  She loves round yellow shapes.  When she sees them during the video she smiles and squeals with delight. We sing or hum along with the songs now (in the one above which is our go to video, its mostly classic lullaby fare.)  The last couple of days shes been trying to imitate us.

The one negative thing about Hey Bear is the ads that run during  the course of the vdeo This is not Hey Bear! Productions’ fault.  YouTube needs to do a better job with pairing up ads to its programs.  We are watching for free so we don’t mind ads, and the creators deserve money for their work, but show us ads for diapers or baby food not skin disease medications for seven minutes.

We don’t play these videos all day.  In fact, usually in the morning when we are getting ready for work is the only time she really watches it. And then she smiles when it comes on and plays in her bouncy, while I make her milk and talk to her.

Not everything has to be a learning experience for a child. Somethings can just be a routine.  Somethings can just be fun. The smile on her face when she sees the logo proves that she is having fun.

ComicCon-ing: Dragon Con and other Fan Conventions for Labor Day Weekend 2018

Of course, we can’t provide an exhaustive list of all the cons around the county.  We highly recommend checking out Previews World convention calendar for a great list of cons not only in the US but around the world.

We try to highlight a few cons we would love to attend if money and time were no object.  We look for cons that have guests from our favorite fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Wire.  I know The Wire isn’t generally promoted at cons, but thankfully the Walking Dead has hired many of these actors, so some are starting to do cons.  Also, while many of these cons have wonderful entertainment schedules, we are autograph collectors at heart, so we definitely look at the guests that are listed in decided which ones make our wish list!

So, if we could, these are just a few places we would like to be this upcoming weekend!

Dragon Con:  Surprisingly, we have never been to Dragon Con, even though we really want to attend. Our friends that have attended rave about the con and every write up we ever read about it shows that it is an amazing convention. The great thing about Dragon Con is that it seems to truly place its author and creator guests on the same level as their celebrity guests. If you look at their featured guest page, there is no division amongst the two groups. Guests include Peter Capaldi, Mike Colter, Larry Elmore, Ric Flair, Brian Henson, Elizabeth Henstridge, Jason Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Evangeline Lilly, Pearl Mackie, Larry Niven, Christopher Paolini, Craig Parker, Gail Simone,  Benedict Wong, and Timothy Zahn.  For Star Wars Fans, joining Isaacs and Zahn will be Tom Kenny, Gina Torres, and Cas Anver. Our favorite Star Wars youtube channel, Star Wars Explained, will be on a few panels at Dragon Con as well as discussing such topics as “New Star Wars Canon” and “Episode IX Speculation.”  If you are going to Dragon Con, make sure you rest up plenty of days before because it is con with little down time. Dragon Con is in Atlanta, Georgia from August 30 to September 3.

Fan Expo Canada: Fan Expo runs a great set of cons and their Toronto con doesn’t appear to be any different.  Celebrity Guests include Micheal J. Fox, Jason Momoa, Evangeline Lilly, Triple H, The Miz, Lucy Lawless, Ray Park, Peter Mayhew, Karen Gillan, Cary Elwes, Gary Lockwook,Keir Dullea, and many more. They also have an impressive list of comic creators including Charles Soule, Chris Ryall, John Byrne, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Tom King, Nick Spencer, Majorie Liu, and many more.


Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Celebration Important Dates

Star Wars Celebration is a great place for fans of Star Wars to show off their talents whether it be in artwork, props, podcasting, and fan led panels.

The Art Show: According to Celebration’s website, the “Star Wars Celebration Art Show is open to official artists of Lucasfilm, Disney and of the companies’ licensees only. If you have created official work for Lucasfilm, Disney, or one of their licensees, you will be able to submit your work to be considered for the juried selection of the Celebration Art Show.”  Submissions are due by August 15.  Eligible artists need to present three to five examples of their artwork along with a summary of their working relationship with Lucasfilm. Artists who make it past the first round will have to develop a concept for the show for a final evaluation.

Fan Built Props and Sets: If you are one of those fantastic craftspeople who love to tinker and build props and sets, then fill out the application so all of us Star Wars fans can see it. You do have to give details of size for your prop/set.  The deadline is August 15, and all applicants will be informed of their status by Holloween.

The Podcast Stage: This is a dream for us!  We applied for the last one but didn’t get it. We will apply for this one too!.  Of all the fandoms out there, none rival the amount nor the quality of  Star Wars podcasts. Podcasts should be “historically Star Wars-themed and family friendly.”  Keep your fingers crossed for us! (and check out our podcasts here!).  Deadline for this is September 11, and all applicants will be notified of final decisions by November 14. If we don’t get selected, you will probably find Mr. Nola Nerd Couple in this room quite a bit as he loves Star Wars podcasts!

Fan Tables: Celebration puts aside a few tables for “unofficial, regional, and international fan clubs and similar fan organizations. These tables will allow clubs to promote their organizations to other Star Wars fans and to act as a central location for club activities.” We love going by these tables and find out about the organizations and all the excellent work they do in the name of Star Wars fandom. Deadline is September 11.


Star Wars-ing: Star Wars Fan Awards 2018

Are you creative and a Star Wars fan?  Unfortunately for us, we are only the latter choice, but if you are one of those that can do both then the Star Wars Fan Awards are for you!

If you go to the Star Wars website, you can submit your creative endeavors inspired by the saga that takes place in a galaxy far, far away.  Submissions have been open since July 18 and close on September 17. You can submit artwork in the following areas:

  • Long Video
  • Short Video
  • Visual Art
  • Photograph

Each of these categories is broken up into different genres. You have a chance to win Star Wars-themed merchandise and a trophy!

Audience Choice award voting is from November 2 to November 13.  We will be posting about our votes during this time.

May the force be with you!



DoctorWho-ing: We Never Really Knew Who the Twelfth Doctor Was

We love Peter Capaldi.  He is a fantastic actor, and he did a fantastic job as the Twelfth Doctor.  However, we are not fans of number 12.

Again, this is isn’t a criticism of Capaldi at all.  He was great in every scene, always bringing his A game.  He made some bold choices, and they all worked.  It just felt to us that the showrunners didn’t really know where they wanted to take his doctor.

The ninth and tenth doctors had to deal with the war doctor.  Eleven started fresh, effectively rebooting the series, and reminded us why the Doctor needs others.  However, when he left, he also left his current companion.  Clara (not Jenna Coleman, who we also adore) was a massive problem for the twelfth doctor.

Clara’s story was actually over when the eleven regenerates.  Yet, instead of starting fresh, Stephen Moffat decided to make her focus be that she was a companion to a man who wasn’t the eleventh doctor.  He tried to tidy it up in the first episode, but, for us, it left a huge shadow over the first season.  The idea of the twelfth doctor exploring his past and wondering if he was a good “person” was a brilliant premise and made us excited when his trailers come out.   However, it always felt as if he was being held back by having to deal with Clara.  The second season with Clara, the year of the two doctors, was even more disappointing in our books. We never really got to feel as if we knew who the Twelfth Doctor really was. It wasn’t until his second season episode “Heaven Sent” that we felt we got to know to realize what this doctor could be.

This Doctor really came alive for us in his last season (and “The Husbands of River Song”).  The Doctor was freed from the baggage of the past, well as much as he could be, and allowed to explore who he was.  It also helped that he had a new companion in Bill. Bill’s journey in getting to know the Doctor on who he was as number 12 allowed us to do the same.  For the first time, we got to feel what made up 12 instead of trying to figure out how he was different from 11.


That doesn’t mean there were not great episodes during his run.  There were, and the addition of Missy was a godsend for his character.


Now, I’m basing this over one viewing of Capaldi’s Doctor. Maybe, a rewatch will allow us to catch things we miss.

Maybe we will become emotionally invested in his stories like we did with 9, 10, and 11.  The work Capaldi put into it deserves that.