ComicCon-ing: Cons Accross the Nation for the August 3rd Weekend

(Almost) every week we try to highlight the cons of the upcoming weekend with special attention to guests from Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Gen Con: This con will be in Indianapolis, IN from Aug 2-5. It is one, if not THE longest-running gaming convention in the world. The authors of The Expanse are the guests of honor. I love a con that also states they will have food trucks and a beer garden, because let’s face it, con food can be an unpleasant experience sometimes.

Central Pennsylvania’s Collector Con: This con is Camp Hill near Harrisburg. As its name suggests it’s a con for a collectors to find missing pieces and meet other collectors.

Megaplex: This is a con dedicated to furry arts and entertainment. From the website: “Furry cons—conventions for fans of “furry” characters—have been around since the beginning of the 1990s, and are growing larger and more numerous every year. The “furry fandom” centers on fictional animal characters with anthropomorphic, or humanlike, characteristics. These can be the characters you see in movies, comics, Saturday Morning cartoons and commercials. They can also be mascot characters, puppets, or literary characters.”  This con is Orlando at the DoubleTree near Seaworld.

Tampa Bay Comic Con:  This con will be held at the Tampa Convention Center from August 3-5 at the Tampa Convention Center. Guests include Val Kilmer, Rory McCann, Cary Elwes,  and  David Harbour.

ToshoCon: This is a teen anime convention put on by the Salt Lake County Library.  There will be a cosplay contest, and tons of panels put on by teens.

Ama-con: This con will be Saturday and Sunday at the Amarillo Civic Center.  Guests include Edward James Almos, Nnedi Okorafor, and Ronald Smith.  This con is put on by the Amarillo Public library system.

Bell County Comic Con:  This will be held at theBellCounty ExpoCenter in Belton Texas. Guests include Danny Trejlo, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and Sam Jones.

BrickFair:  This is a lego Expo in Chantilly, Virginia at the Dulles Expo Center. Not only do you get to see cool Lego builds, including Star Wars, but there are plenty of activities for you to interact with.

Comic Con Honolulu:  Guests include Roy Thomas (who created Captain Marvel), Adrian Pasdar, Michael Biehn, Katie Cassidy, and Felicia Day. From Star Wars, Jason Isaacs and Paul Nakauchi will be appearing.

Minnesota Fan Fusion: This con takes place Aug 3-5 a the Saint Paul Rivercentre. Danielle Panabaker, John Rhys-Davies, and Summer Glau will be there.  From Star Wars will be Ray Park (and it you stretch it, Dan Folger). Some of the comics guests include Christopher Priest, Dan Jurgens, and Howard Chaykin







NOLA-ing: August is Museum Month

August in New Orleans means it is New Orleans Museum Month! If you are a member of any of the participating museums, then you have the opportunity to visit all participating institutions, FREE OF CHARGE, using their current membership throughout the month of August. How awesome is that?! We happen to be members of the Audubon Nature Institute, so we plan on partaking in as many museum experiences as possible. As of this writing, participating museums for 2018 include…

The New Orleans Museum of Art is in City Park, which has plenty of wonderful things to do and see. The Longue Vue House and Gardens is right off Metairie Road (which offers plenty of dining and shopping ), close to the parish line. Newcomb Art Museum is located on Tulane’s campus, close to Audubon Park. The New Canal Lighthouse is right on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain on Lakeshore Dr.

Several of the museums are close to one another, so you could visit several in one day to make the most out of your day. The Ashe Cultural Arts Center and the Southern Food and Beverage Museum are right down the street from each other on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Confederate Memorial Hall Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, and The National WWII Museum are nestled together on Camp St. (technically the WWII Museum is on Magazine St.) and Andrew Higgins Blvd. right off of Lee Circle. If you don’t mind a little walking, the Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium is on the edge of the French Quarter on Canal St., while the Beauregard-Keyes House is on the other end of the French Quarter, close to the French Market and the New Orleans Jazz Museum.

We definitely suggest joining one of our local museums and enjoying the benefits not just during the month of August, but all year round at your favorite museum. Don’t forget to share your experiences throughout Museum Month by tagging yourself using #NolaMuseumMonth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See you at the museums!

Episode 45: SDCC Roundup and The Clone Wars Returns!

While we have never been to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), that doesn’t mean we weren’t constantly checking for updates from the SuperBowl of cons. There is always just too much good information for the upcoming year in nerdom to ignore.  So after digesting as much as we could, we sat down to talk about it in our latest podcast!


Show Notes:

Aquaman Trailer


Shazam! Trailer

Glass Trailer

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer

Doctor Who Trailer

The Clone Wars Trailer

ComicCon-ing: Mechacon New Orleans

Every nerd has their blind spot.  A subject matter that they are weak on.  For us, it is anime. It’s not that we don’t like it.  We just never have really delved into the area.

That’s the main reason why we don’t go to MechaCon.  Also, it is the one con that a lot of our students attend.  They would love to see us there, but it almost feels like we are intruding.

Yet, I’ve never heard of any of them having a bad time at the con.  In fact, a few parents have told us they accompany their children to the hotel where it is held and wait in the lobby and just enjoy the creativity by the people that attend Mechacon.

This year the con is held at the Hyatt Regency Dowtown New Orleans near the Superdome. There are some great restaurants in the area and its a great venue.

Some guests include:

  • Anjali Bhimani: Ms. Bhimani has done voice work in Overwatch and Fallout 4 as well as appearing on Modern Family.
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Ms. McGlynn is best known is this house for voicing Governor Pryce in Star Wars Rebels.  She has done extensive voice work in anime and in games as well as voice directed quite a few gaming titles.
  • Beau Billingslea: Mr. Billingslea has appeared in Star Trek: Into the Darkness as well as doing voice work on Naruto and many other projects. He has also done quite a bit of narration for the History Channel.

There are tons more guests at MechaCon from the acting, cosplay, and music worlds.

They also have some great programming including many how to panels. If we were to go, this would be a con where I would just probably be in the creative panels all day long.  That, and, of course, the K-Pop dance offs. Plus, there are gaming and video rooms.

MechaCon is a great con for the city. The anime community is strong in this area and judging from the feedback from current and former students, MechaCon does right by the community.


StarWars-ing: The Problem With Having Star Wars Day on Wednesday

Wednesday has been traditionally reserved for Star Wars on except for around movie releases and Celebration. It was randomly picked.  In fact, it was until after we started publishing our blogs about the saga on Wednesday’s that we realized that’s The Star Wars Show was released on Wednesday as well.

So we were in good company last week. Why?  Because of all the good stuff announced at San Diego Comic Con!

Tons of announcements were made last week about new books (one on Padme finally!), comics, and toys were made last week.  But the biggest and most shocking news came on Thursday afternoon –  The Clone Wars will be brought back in 2019!

We actually did a podcast recapping SDCC including all of the DC, Doctor Who, and Star Wars stuff we could find on Sunday.  We, however, had some technical difficulties (mainly I’m an idiot sometimes) and the episode had to be scrapped.  We will try to record a new one soon.  The Clone Wars is really the first Star Wars that we shared together as a nerd couple so it means a lot to both of us.

In some local Star Wars news, Mechacon will be held this weekend at the Hyatt Regency. This is an anime, gaming, and animation con that has been held in New Orleans for years. Appearing this year will be Mary Elizabeth McGlynn who portrays Governor Pryce on Star Wars Rebels.

As far as other cons go, if you are attending the London Comic Con this weekend you have hit the jackpot (or bankrupt, depending) for Star Wars autographs.  There is just too many people to name here. Stateside, the Raleigh Supercon has some great voice actors that appeared on The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Till next time, may the force be with you, friends!

Star Wars-ing: Empire Strikes Back, Jiggling, and Robert Hayes Makes for Mr. Nola Nerd Couple’s Favorite Star Wars Memory.

For financial and family reasons, I never was able to see Empire Strikes Back in the theaters.  I was seven, a perfect age to view it, but we couldn’t swing it.  We couldn’t afford it at the time and the one time we went to the movies we took a family member who wasn’t feeling well to see Airplane.  Now, Airplane is a great movie but has a seven year old, I only remembered the jiggling.  Anyone that has seen the movie knows exactly what I’m talking about. Worse, I could hear the big action scenes through the walls of the cinema.

Fast forward to the car ride to Return of the Jedi.  My dad drove and we took my best friend.  I didn’t read the novelization at the time, even though I probably owned it, so my friend did a retelling of the story.  He tried to be cool but do a dramatic retelling of the story at the same time.  Memory can’t always be trusted, but I remember him telling it with amazing accuracy.  Even my dad who is not a huge movie person was intrigued. In fact, that car ride is everything I love about Star Wars.

Fast forward to 2014.  We are in London and attending the London Comic Con. We are meeting David Prowse and Kenny Baker.  But there is another star there, Robert Hayes of Airplane. I’m so excited I make the Mrs. come with me (we normally split up on autographs that are just for us or at huge cons like the London one). When we meet him, I tell him how I didn’t want to see Airplane and wanted to see Empire. I literally said “The only part I remember.”

He interrupted and said, “the boobs going across the screen.”

ComicCon-ing: Cons This Upcoming Weekend

Each week we try to highlight some of the cons happening around the nation.  

PulpFest: This con is a tribute to all those great pulp publications from day past. This year they will be honoring the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. This is definitely a panel driven con and one that I hope to attend in the future.  This con is in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania from July 26-29.

BronyCon: Of course, this con focuses on My Little Pony fandom. It takes place from July 27-29 in Baltimore, Maryland. Lena Hall, who played Countess Colratura,  and Tabitha St. Germain, who voices Rarity among other roles on Friendship is Magic, will be at the con.

BlerDCon: Blerdcon is a con that celebrates black nerd culture. According to their website, “Blerdcon celebrates our connection with LGBTQ, the disabled, POCs, and the international community! All are welcome to partake in the experience as we are an open community who love all the same nerddom.”  Some of the guests include Bryan Jordan Newton who has directed episodes of Rick and Morty and Teen Titans GO!, Marcus Williams & Greg Burnham the comic creators who have worked on Tuskegee Heirs, and artist/designer Douriean Fletcher who’s work has been featured in Black Panther and NCIS New Orleans. This con will be held from July 27-29 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Virginia.

Confluence:  This literary con will be held in Pittsburg on July 27-29. What a great weekend to be a reader in Pittsburg. Guest of Honor will be NYT Bestselling author Catherynne M. Valente. This con will have a writers workshop as well.

Diversicon: This con focuses on Speculative Fiction in Minneapolis from July 27-29. Author Charlie Jane Anders and President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association Bryan Thao Worra are the guests.

Raleigh Supercon: This con will be at the Raleigh Convention Center from July 27-29. Celebrity guests include John Barrowman, Dave Bautista, Sean Gunn, Alice Cooper, Joey Fatone, Karen Gillian, Margaret Kerry, and Catherine Tate.  For Star Wars fans Dante Basco, Steve Blum, Tom Kenny, James Mathis III, and Sam Witwer will be in attendance.

Robcon: This con will be in Kingsport TN from July 27-29.  This con is brought to you by Moutain Empire Comics, a series of comic shops in Tennessee. Guests include actor Tyler Mane, artist Michael Goldon, voice actor George Lowe, and lots of artists will be the guest at this con.

SaikouCon:  This con, which runs from July 27-29 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is an anime and cosplay convention. Guests include Christina Marie Kelly and Gigi Edgley.

This is just a few of the cons this weekend.  New Orleans is having its annual Mechacon, an anime festival, that will do a special write up for later this week!

Have a great con everyone!