Watching: Arrowverse Recap

Every week that we can, I”ll recap my thoughts about what is happening in the Arrowverse.  Unfortunately, we having started Supergirl yet, so I can’t write about that show. Spoilers after the jump.

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ComicCon-ing: Pensacon Adds the Fonz!

Pensacon 2017 scored a major addition to their already fantastic guest list with the announcement of Henry Winkler.  Gowing up in the 70s, the Fonz was the Plato’s form of what it meant to be cool. He, of course, has gone on to have success has a director and producer and as a cultural icon with appearances in Scream, The Waterboy, and Arrested Development.   In other additions, Pensacon has also added Eitanya Designs to the their cosplay list, and concept artist and illustrator NEN will return to Pensacon.

In the other big Pensacon news, the show has expanded their celebrity rooms.  Panels have been moved to other locations in Pensacola (with free shuttle service), so they have been able to expand the autograph area.  This should translate to less build up of traffic.  Also, they have added some activities in the rear parking lot area, including our friends at Chimichanga Talk.

The Pensacon app is also out for both Android and iOS.


Episode 26: Bash & Pop


Mr. Nola Nerd Couple discusses Tommy Stinson’s new album, Anything Could Happen, which was recorded under his old band name, Bash & Pop.

Show Notes:

Tommy Stinson’s Website

Reading: Nerd Links – January 21-27

Legion of Collectors:  This blog is about a guy who collects subscription boxes from Marvel, DC, and Stan Lee.  However, this reviewer isn’t just any body (like your favorite bloggers), this guy is Tony Isabella.  Mr. Isabella created Black Lightning for DC and Misty Knight for Marvel, so he brings a unique perspective to collecting.  The box he discuss strikes a memory from his days at DC and what he would have done had he taken over the reigns of Aquaman in the 70s.

New York Times is Killing It’s Comics Bestseller Lists, and the Comic World Isn’t Pleased:  Regardless of how you feel about the New York Times, having a best-selling list of comics/graphic novels was good for the industry.  Comics are still considered by many as second class literature.  While the NYT promises expanded coverage of comics, the list provided insight to what people were reading and, more importantly, a list for new readers to check out.

The Star Wars Death Star Trench Isn’t Where You Think It Is:  Sure, the super fans will say they alway new it wasn’t the huge horizontal trench all along, but I won’t.  I always though Luke and the rest of gang were in that trench.  Now, I know better.

The Power of Fandom In History’s Chame: Why we need to Demand Better Content:  The first half of the title is kind of odd, but this article does make a basic point.  The only way we are going to get stories that reflect who we really are is to only purchase those stories. We should all be tired of the “girl in the refrigerator” trope, but until we do anything about it with our pocketbooks, some writers will use it. The article also does a good job of explaining how we can like characters we hate, but that we need to remember they aren’t good people.

ComicCon-Ing: We Are Expanding Our Coverage of Comic Cons

We have been focusing on Comic Cons that we are definitely going to. However, we decided to start writing about cons in general with a focus on ones that are a days drive from New Orleans.  In other words, the ones we would attend if money were not an issue!

Currently, we cover Wizard World New Orleans, Pensacon and Star Wars Celebration. Here are some cons that we will start covering:

FanExpo Dallas – Dallas, Texas – March 31-April fed17-headerThis con will be held at the Dallas Convention Center.  This is a well organized con that we have had lots of fun attending in the past. Guests this year include Adam West, Burt Ward, Stan Lee, Tim Curry, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder.

Comicpalooza – Houston, Texas – May 14-17


This is a huge con held in the fourth largest city in the United States.  There are no guests listed as of right now, but we will check daily to see when people are being added.

MegaCon Orlando- Orlando, Florida – May 25-28megacon17-header-1We are definitely thinking about attending this convention as part of our anniversary trip.  Schedule to appear are Paul Wesley, Stan Lee, and Tim Curry.

Mississippi Comic Con – Jackson, Mississippi – June 24 & 25mscc17-fb-logo3This con, held at the MS Trade Mart, is a smaller con that is extremely afforadable especially for families.  Weekend passes are $30 and children 2-8 pay only $5.  Right now guests include Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett from the original trilogy) and Deep Roy (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Fanboy Expo – Knoxville Tennessee – June 23-25


FanBoy Expo is growing each year. This year guests include Peter Weller, a CHIPSs reunion, a GI JOE voice actor reunion, Am Jo Johnson, and Jason David Frank.

Florida Supercon – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 27-30site-header-florida-superconWhile we still have a lot of time before this con, there are a few guests who have committed to appearing at Supercon.  These include Michael Cudlitz, John Barrowman, Ric Flair, Jason David Frank, and Joel Hodgson.

Dragoncon – Atlanta, Georgia – Sept 1-4

xsbrw1nrDragoncon usually gets great celebrity guests, but also features fantastic writers from science-fiction and fantasy. This con is held annually during labor day weekend.

MegaCon Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay – September 29 – Oct 1MEGACONTB17-header.pngWhile this con is too far away to have any guests booked for 2017, feed back from last years con was that it was a huge success.  The 2016 con had a great lineup featuring David Tennant, Matthew Lewis, and Brett Dalton.

Dallas Fan Days – Dallas, Texas – Oct 20-22DFD17-Header.pngAgain this con is too far away, but this is usually a smaller con with fewer guests.  That doesn’t mean they don’t get great guests! This event is held at the Irving Convention Center.

We will be writing updates weekly on these cons.  Also, make sure you check our twitter to see more news about cons!

Star Wars-ing: The Clone Wars Season 3 Ep 1-11

Season Three was one of my favorite seasons so far.  Here is a recap with mild spoilers of the season.

Clone Cadets Arc (E1-2):  Epguide301.pngEpisodes that focus on the clones and their role in the war and in Star Wars in general tend to be my favorite shows.  This episode tends to follow the After School special trope about learning the value of teamwork. However, it’s expertly done and kind of chokes up you at the end of the arc.

Supply Lines (E2): epguide303A Jar Jar episode that can work in either the Jar Jar is a clown or a Sith paths.

Sphere of Influence (E3): epguide304b It’s amazing to me how much Ahsoka has grown as a character.  When the movie came out, I thought she would be annoying and a distraction from learning about Anakin and Obi-Wan.  However, this episode proves she can carry a story by herself which has been true for sometime now.

Mandalore Season 3 Arc (5-6): epguide305  Mandalore is a one of the best settings in the Clone Wars.  The people of Mandalore are neither truly good or bad, Separatist or Republican.  The first episode has Padme investigating a weird illness, while the second episode has Ahsoka continuing the investigation. Satine also plays a huge part in this arc. More importantly, these episodes again prove that Star Wars is no longer a boys club with Princess Leia standing in for all the strong women.

Assassin (7):

mv5bmji5mduxnduwnf5bml5banbnxkftztgwodexnziymje-_v1_ This is one of the best episodes in the series. It recalls (or foreshadows) the dreams that haunt Anakin in Revenge of the Sith.  However, Ahsoka handles it a lot better.  This is a tense, dramatic episode and again proves that the female characters are just as interesting as the male leads.

Evil Plans (8):


As most of the C3Po-R2D2 episodes, this is a Rosencrantz and Guilderstern is Dead trope.  The main action, the one we should be interested in, is with Padame but the more interesting adventure is occuring behind the scene.  Plus, it’s a Cad Bane episode which is usually a good thing.

The Out of Order Episodes (9-11): epguide311 These episodes led to lots of confusion when watching them.  However, if you place these episodes after Season 1’s Hostatge Crisis, it makes sense.  I would rate these a lot higher if they were actually in order. In fact, it would have made me forgive the Clone Wars movie by making it more layered.




Star Wars-ing: Episode VIII Title and Celebration News

Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi.


Some organizations, like EW, have stated that the the title is an ominous one. First, Star Wars is in red, the color of the dark side.  It also assumes that Jedi here is used in the singular.  It also assumes that the middle episode is always the darkest episode.

However, Jedi is also the plural form of the word.  That can provide a glimmer of hope.

Anyway, without a trailer everything is speculation.  I’m guessing Star Wars will follow the playbook of The Force Awakens and debut the trailer during Star Wars Celebration.

Speaking of Star Wars Celebration, there has been a few tidbits released on their website.   Pins can be bought at the celebration store.  Select exhibitors will have some pins as well.

Again, Star Wars Celebration will have a tattoo pavilion.  One year, we saw a fan get Mark Hamill to sign her calf.  She then went to the tattoo booth and had that signature made permanent.  The tattoo page can be found here.

The Star Wars Art Show artists have been announced.  The list of the artists can be found here.

Nerd Nite Speed Dating will be held at Celebration this year.