Star Wars-ing: Meeting Taylor Gray of Star Wars Rebels

Here at Nola Nerd Couple Headquarters, Star Wars makes up a large part of our lives.  We have made trips to the West and East coast because of Star Wars.  We collect everything Star Wars from figurines to calendars to games to clothes. We are keeping up with new Star Wars canon by reading the Marvel Comics. Cristina was a big fan of Clone Wars (which I have not seen) and started watching Star Wars Rebels as soon as it came out. Star Wars Rebels takes place about five years before the events of Episode IV. I did not plan on watching Star Wars Rebels, often doing something else while Cristina watched.  It was hard to not pay attention.  It has great stories that match the talent level of its cast which includes Freddie Prince, Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Jason Isaacs, Dee Bradley Baker, and David Oyelowo. However, it was the character of Ezra Bridger voiced by Taylor Gray that really drew me in. 


Ezra Bridger of Star Wars Rebels

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Concert-ing: Weezer and Panic! at the Disco

I have what I call the trifecta of bands that I was obsessed with as a teenager – 311, Bush, and Weezer. 311 was my happy, positive, everyday music, Bush was my hot front man passion, and Weezer was the soundtrack to my life. Luckily, I have seen 311 around twenty times throughout the years and have been front row, backstage, met them, and received their autographs several times (I still have to write about this past year’s 3/11 Day!). Gavin Rossdale toured New Orleans a few years ago and I was front row, had him grind on me, Kurt held his hand to stabilize him, and met him and got his autograph after. That left Weezer. I saw them once at Voodoo Fest in 2010, although it was not super close. So when I found out they were playing at Champions Square, an outside arena next to the Superdome in New Orleans, I knew Nola Nerd Couple had to be there. And when they announced VIP several weeks later, I made sure I bought that too. Finally, I would have a chance to meet the last of my ultimate favorite bands!


Weezer VIP!!!

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ComicCon-ing: BayouCon 2016 Overview and Review

We spent last Saturday at Bayou Con 2016 in Sulphur Louisiana.  Sulphur is about a 3-hour drive from the Nola Nerd Couple Headquarters.
Bayou Con was held at the West Cal Event Center.  It was a perfect size for Bayou Con, which is a small growing convention. After being to Space City Comic Con and Wizard World Philadelphia in the past month, the smallness of this con was kind of a shock.  However, I wouldn’t judge Yoda by his size, so I won’t judge a con by its size.


Taylor Gray plays Ezra on Star Wars Rebels

The main attraction for this year’s Bayou Con was Taylor Gray from Star Wars Rebels, who will feature it a separate blog. Bobby Clark, a veteran stuntman, was signing pictures of his most famous character Gorn from Star Trek. Robert Axelrod has done tons of work especially in voice-acting. Both men were funny and seemed to be enjoying themselves at the con.
There were plenty of authors at Bayou Con as well. We ended up purchasing books from two.  Henry Melton mainly writes science fiction. He spends more time on the road than off which inspired his young adult fiction series, Small Towns, Big Ideas.  The book we purchased, Emperor Dad, is part of this series.  This book, which is set in the author’s hometown, has a few autobiographical moments according to the authors website.  You can buy his books at his website.


Summer reading includes books by Blake M. Petit and Henry Melton

The other author we bought a book from was Blake M. Petit.  Blake is the host of one of the longest running comic book podcasts, All New Showcase, and often contributes to the website of our local comic book store, BSI Comics. The book we purchased was Opening Night of the Dead. The story takes place on Halloween night during a monster movie shoot when zombies start attacking.  You can purchase Blake’s work here!


The Vendors Area at Bayou Con

Bayou Con also had plenty of vendors for a con of its size. We bought some really nice magnets from The Inkling Girl, who has a ton of cool jewelry, magnets, and paintings, and superhero mask from a cool vendor whose name we unfortunately did not remember.  There was tons of action figures, some fantasy weapons, steampunk accessories, and knitted goods.  All of it was reasonably priced.  There were also plenty of fan groups there willing to discuss their organizations including the 501st and a Live Action Role Playing group teaching people how to nerf sword fight.
We attended the Meet Aaron Roberts panel. Mr. Roberts is a voice actor who is most known for his work in Anime. The crowd asked some interesting questions including how he preps for roles, what does he eat before doing voice work (he sticks to protein shakes the day of recording), and his personal preference for software when recording himself. He was entertaining throughout and I look forward to keeping up with his career.


Aaron Roberts does voice acting mostly in anime

My old illness hampered some of our activities for the day. We did plan to spend the night and attend Sunday, but we decided against it due to me not feeling that great.  Our only better-if about the con is that it was a little too small to stretch over three days, at least for us.  There are only so many times you can walk through the vendor area. There were plenty of panels, however, and that’s mostly what we did during our time there. If we would have thought to bring one of our table top games we could have spent more time in the very crowded gaming area. Again, this is a small con, and hopefully it will grow and be able to have more things available.


Stop me if you heard this one before: A Predator and a Scout Trooper walk into a bar…

For a small con, there were quite a few good cosplayers.  Also, the audience ranged all ages.  Bayou Con allowed for an audience who can’t find transportation to the bigger cons in New Orleans and Houston, namely teenagers. It reminded me of the Star Trek Conventions that used to be held in a convention room in a hotel in the early 90s.  Those were some of the best cons I ever attended because it allowed me to be a nerd without judgment. It allowed me to find people with similar interests.  It gave me a sense of community.  Bayou Con provided that for its attendees.  It allowed people to find others in their area who have similar interests who might not have known each otherwise.  It provided a place for young people to learn that you can make a living from acting, writing, and drawing.

Bayou Con shouldn’t be judged by its size.  It should be judged by how it brings people together. And by that measurement, it was a great con.

Reading: Nerd Links for June 19-25

Didn’t do as much online reading this week due to not having a reliable internet (am I the only one who experiences this at Hilton Hotels?). So these are the things I read/watched/listened to this morning.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild–All The New Things You Can Do:  Mrs. Nola Nerd Couple is the Zelda gamer in this house, but I have to admit that this world looks fascinating.  I might play it so I can cook as Link!

NOLAnerdcast’s E3 16 for 2016 Part 1:  The Nola Nerd Cast guys preview the games from E3 that they are looking forward to the most. Come for the game previews; stay for the hastags.

Game of Thrones Author to Stephen King: How Do You Write So Fast? While I haven’t watched the video yet – I will – Martin’s question to King about how he writes so fast, is really important.  King is prolific because of his method.  His method might not translate to every other writer but they need to have a method.

Orbital Zombie Dragon Podcast 34: Captain Boomzilla explores Nicole Kidman in pants suits, compares Fright Nights, discusses the last couple of issues of Game of Thrones, and discusses his writing tips.

Traveling: Last Day in Dublin

The last day of our trip in Dublin was spent mainly riding the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus. We didn’t take many pictures, mainly due to bad weather, but also do to what I call travel exhaustion.

I really don’t remember much about this day except that we were practically out of Euros, so this is just a picture post.









We did board a plane to London that night. We stayed in a Nice section of Shepard’s Bush not too far from Earl’s Court.  The next day we took the train to Hampton Court so we could time travel to the time of Henry VIII.

Reading: Nerd Links! (June 19, 2016)

A round-up of this week’s best nerd related links:

Every Day is Like Wednesday Rereads Secret War: It’s no secret that most comic book fans have an on and off again relationship with Brian Michael Bendis. J. Caleb Mozzocco gives a very detailed (spoilers if you haven’t read this over ten-year-old comic event) analysis. The best thing about Mozzocco’s blog is that he doesn’t hold back what he thinks.

Gamestop Interviews Tom King and David Finch: The new creators of Batman discuss Batman’s role in Gotham. Is Batman the hero that Gotham deserves when he really doesn’t possess superpowers like Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash? He can take down a bad guy, but can he stop a catastrophe? I really liked King’s first script and this provides some insights as to where he is going with the series.

All New Showcase Episode 323 Rebirth Roundup: The long-running All New Showcase’s newest episode provides a comprehensive roundup of the DC Rebirth releases. Nola Nerd Couple found this extremely useful in filling in the gaps of our DC knowledge. Mr. Nola Nerd Couple almost went to BSI Comics and told them to put all of DC’s titles in his pull folder after listening to this podcast.  Almost.

Longbox Episode 26 Aquaman and Kevin Smith:  The comic book historians discuss Aquaman and play a portion of the Kevin Smith Q&A during his stop in New Orleans for his tour. We couldn’t make it to the Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes podcast so we were excited to hear this.

Ramsay Snow Bolton, A Saist Dark and Full of Terrors: Dr. Travis Langley explores the psychological aspects of sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, etc., and here he takes a look a the character of Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay, obviously, has all sorts of issues, and probably is beyond psychologist’s help!


Word Balloon Podcast Superman Vs Ali & Watchmen invades DC Rebirth W Neal Adams Dave Gibbons Ed Brubaker & Brian Azzarello:  Ok this one is technically from last week, but I just listened to it last night. The  highlight for me was listening to Brubaker and Gibbons talk about creator rights in comic books.