Eating: A Roast Beef Po-Boy at Parasol’s



The roast beef po-boy that I judge all other roast beef po-boy’s by comes from a small hole in the wall restaurant in Lockport called La Magazine. I’m not sure if the place still exists. This roast beef, slow cooked and shredded, made for a near perfect sandwich. After I moved up north, I haven’t found one as good — yet like everyone else it seems I’m determined to research this subject fully.

Parasol’s roast beef po-boy might be the new sandwich I judge all others by.

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Reading: An Evening With Stephen King

Out of the blue one day, Cristina asked if I enjoy reading Stephen King‘s works. I responded in the affirmative. I think I referred to King as the greatest living American author. Hyperbole aside, I do think he is a great writer (Cormac McCarthy would get my vote for greatest living American author). I asked her why she was inquiring. She responded that he would be giving a talk and a reading and the price of admission was his new book. The conversation concluded with her buying the tickets from Octavia Books online.

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