Reviewing: 2011 Year in Review from the Male Perspective

Cristina wrote her Year in Review yesterday, so I figured I give you my take on 2011. So here are my best/worst of awards:

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Reviewing: 2011 Year in Review

Well kids, 2011 is nearly over. In some ways, it’s been the best year of my life. I got married to the love of my life, went on an epic honeymoon cruise to Central America, visited Virginia and D.C., adopted two little kitties who give me so much joy and laughter, took up running as a hobby (and lost a little bit of weight in the process), ran a 5k in Disney World, and had many more fun and fond memories in between.

Getting married to Kurt was the best decisions we ever made. It is also something I am glad I will never have to go through again! Everything ran smoothly until a week before the wedding. Then people wouldn’t call us back, the day we wanted to decorate the reception hall became an issue, my sister couldn’t make the rehearsal dinner…little things that added up and turned me into, I admit it, a bridezilla. I was pretty proud that I was only a bridezilla for about 5 days as opposed to during our whole engagement period, which lasted a year. I’m sure Kurt appreciated it.

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