Festing: Jazz Fest 2011 or How My Sister Scared Me to Death

I wasn’t supposed to go to Jazz Fest and see MynameisJohnMichael or Trombone Shorty, and I surely wasn’t supposed to eat a soft-shell crab and a Cajun duck po-boy.  I was content with recommending to some friends that they should catch the New Orleans Bingo Show!. I wasn’t until my sister called with the offer of ten dollar tickets. While I couldn’t afford sixty dollar tickets with the wedding coming up, I definitely could afford a ten dollar ticket. Unfortunately, Cristina couldn’t make it due to a conference in Orlando that lined up perfectly with her sister’s graduation from UCF. However, Cristina did give me her blessing to attend Jazz Fest.

Natalie, my type-one diabetic sister, had never been to the Jazz Fest. She had no particular band she wanted to see which fed directly into my plan of seeing all local acts.

We arrived a little later than I wanted. I wanted to see Shamarr Allen but we had to eat first. Natalie played safe with jambalaya, which she remarked was very good. I went straight for the soft shell crab po-boy which is always my first stop at Jazz Fest. Along with a coke and a diet coke, I bought a couple of waters to ward off dehydration later in the day.


MyNameIsJohnMichael: I foresee this band taking a good bit of my money

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Traveling: The Accademia! The Uffizi! and More!

Our second full day in Florence was a museum day specifically dealing with the Accademia and the Uffizi. We hadn’t planned on going to either one and the lines are terribly long to get into both of them. I convinced Cristina we needed to find tickets by any means necessary. Using Viator.com, we were able to buy a package, an expensive one, which included guided tours to both.

Due to the inconsistent bus pick up times, we actually got to Florence proper extremely early. We decided to kill time by getting breakfast which for me consisted of a prosciutto, mozzarella and egg sandwich which was great way to start the day. Boiled eggs and Tuscan ham are a great combination.

Still having time to kill before our visit to the Accademia, we toured the San Marco Museum. A great little museum with a fascinating collection of paintings from Fra Angelico. In fact, the Museum is a former monastery with the cells containing many of the paintings. We were both glad we had the extra time to take in this museum.

We then went wait outside the Accademia. We noticed how much graffiti was on the wall. One piece of graffiti really caught our attention. Right next door to the main entrance was written the words that identify anyone from our little corner of the world: “Who Dat!” We looked at each other incredulously.  Today was really shaping up to be a great day.

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Blogging: Lack of Adventures Even though Adventures is in the Title

We have to apologize for the lack of adventures lately.  We want to go on adventures, we just have to make hard choices.  Of course, we wanted to go to the Strawberry Festival, the French Quarter Festival, and Jazz Fest.  It’s killing me slowly to not be at Jazz Fest as I type this.  I will show

The Carnival Liberty cruise ship

This may or may not be the cruise ship we will be on (Image via Wikipedia)

amazing restraint by not going see Wilco on Thursday. Yet, Cristina and I  wouldn’t want it any other way.  It’s ok not going on our adventures for now.  Why?  Because we are about to go a greatest adventure yet: marriage.

We have almost all the plans set.  We just have to pay for it all and we aren’t the kind that likes to use credit cards.  We are ready for the day, May 28, to come.  Then we will have more adventures to post in this blog.

We still will post about my adventures in the kitchen.  Cristina found a couple of her dad’s recipes, and I will attempt to make them.  We will post the results. We just visited Cristina’s family in Panama City Beach so we will report on some of the places we go when we are there.  We will be going on a Carnival cruise for our honeymoon to some very cool locations and we will post about that.  Don’t worry this blog will stay kid friendly. I will try to post some more Europe blogs if I have time.

However, the wedding and the end of school may cut the number of blogs we write, and we do apologize for that.